Getting Started with Twilio and Google App Engine for PHP

Keith Casey PHP

This is a syndicated blog post by Twilio Developer Evangelist, Keith Casey, originally published on Google App Engine’s blog.  Keith shows you how to use Twilio with Google App Engine on the PHP runtime. I’ve wanted to explore Google App Engine for years. Between its SLA, automatic scaling, and queuing system, it has always been compelling. Unfortunately, since my Python skills are somewhere between “Hello World” and… Read More

Multi-Channel Chat with Twilio and Google App Engine


This is a syndicated post from Twilio Developer Evangelist, Kevin Whinnery, originally published on the Google Cloud Platform Blog. Google App Engine enables developers to focus on their application’s logic by providing a scalable infrastructure and high-level APIs for persistence, file management, and other common web app needs. XMPP and Channels are among these APIs, making it ridiculously easy to write awesome real-time communications apps in… Read More

Twilio and Google Cloud Platform Bring Voice and SMS to Google App Engine

Five years ago, if you told your IT department you needed to build and scale a communications app in a week, they’d laugh – maybe even quit. Today, we have cloud-powered tools that allow developers and entrepreneurs to do this in a matter of days, building real-world businesses at scale with Google Cloud Platform. Starting now, it’s even easier to implement Twilio cloud communications with Google… Read More

How to Send Twilio SMS Messages Using Python on Google App Engine

Alex Swan, one of the awesome developers in our community put up a great screencast that shows you how to send text messages using the Twilio SMS API in Python. It guides you through setting up your Google App Engine environment, and walks you through writing all the Python code to send a text message containing a random deep though from Jack Handey. Check it out:… Read More

Twilio to Demo at Google I/O Developer Conference

On Thursday, May 28th, we’ll be at Moscone Center West for the second day of the Google I/O Developer Conference.  Google has generously offered us a spot in their Google App Engine Developer Sandbox. The event is loaded with Google-relevant content presented at tech talks, fireside chats, office hours, breakout sessions, and the developer sandbox (where we’ll be).  In our corner of the world, we’ll be… Read More