Google Dev Relations Team Builds SaaSy Voice for Google Apps Marketplace

We were excited to read earlier today that the Google Dev Relations team for the Google Apps Marketplace decided to use Twilio for their latest test app, SaaSy Voice.  The team describes SaaSy Voice as “a web-application for handling the phone system for small and medium businesses”, similar to our recently open-sourced OpenVBX project. Features of SaaSy Voice: * single sign on with OpenID  * provision… Read More

Twilio Presenting at the Google App Engine Meetup Tonight

Tonight we’re headed down to Palo Alto for the Google App Engine meetup, where we’ll be hearing from Python creator Guido van Rossum and we will announce and demo the winning submission from the Twilio + Google App Engine developer contest. We’ll be bring Twilio tshirts, stickers, and giving away some free developer minutes (on top of the 1000 minutes you get when you sign up… Read More