Trying To Save The World In A Weekend, Penn Students "Hack The Change"

The Philadelphia tech scene assembled late in the afternoon last Friday with a spectacular ambition – change the world in a single weekend.  Dubbing the event Hack The Change, University of Pennsylvania students from the Penn Society for International Development organized a new breed of hackathon where developers and development workers joined forces for a weekend to tackle big problems and effect real change. Equal parts NGO… Read More

Introducing Rob Spectre, An Evangelist With A Story To Tell

I’m Rob and I live in Brooklyn, New York.  I just joined as a Developer Evangelist at Twilio, and I’d like to tell you a story. We were fast approaching midnight and the students at the hackathon were settling into a rhythm.  The din of brainstorming and flow diagramming relaxed into the quiet intensity of heads down coding.  No longer a frantic stock exchange trading floor… Read More