Front Makes SMS Collaborative With Twilio


We think of text messages like letters being sent to personal mailboxes. Only the phone owner has a key to that mailbox. This is great for private communication between friends, family, significant others, etc. But it’s a nightmare for businesses. Your average on-demand business has a middleman between the customer and themselves. This could be a driver, flower delivery guy, bike messenger, or house cleaner. To… Read More

Homejoy Brings Happy Homes To All With Twilio

Group Shot

A year and a half ago, Homejoy was just a brother and sister team of two trying to figure out a way to bring affordable, friendly cleaning to everyone. Today, Homejoy has over 100 employees, they’re in 31 markets and  working with thousands of cleaners and customers. Fresh off raising $38 million in Series A & B funding, CEO Adora Cheung says that Homejoy’s mission simple:… Read More

HomeJoy Bringing Everyone Clean and Happy Homes, Powered by Twilio

When clutter inspires a startup, you get HomeJoy. Founding a startup from your home can get messy. For Adora Cheung and her brother Aaron, the mess they accumulated while working on one startup actually inspired them to found another Homejoy (formerly Pathjoy). After being frustrated with the mess at their home and office, Adora struggled to find an easy cleaning service that worked with her schedule…. Read More