BuildingLink Reaches Residents During Hurricane Sandy With Twilio SMS

On Sunday October 28th, Mayor Bloomberg issued an evacuation of all Manhattan residents in Zone A. Jerry Kesterbaum, founder of building management web platform, BuildingLink, had just a few hours to send out SMS evacuation notifications to all residents in all 130  BuildingLink properties. He had to scale– and fast. BuildingLink helps streamline communication between residents, building managers, and building owners. For example, if a tenant… Read More

60 Second Scoop Provides Critical Information in Emergencies with Twilio Voice

When Hurricane Issac hit New Orleans the last thing that residents were worrying about was 3G connections, broadband, or internet access. They were fighting to find basic needs like food, water, ice and medical aid. The City of New Orleans kept a running Twitter feed, updating residents where they could go for help, but only few residents could access Twitter. Civic minded friends, Oliver Blank and… Read More

Developers Spring to Action with #Sandy Relief: Apps and Resources

The outpouring of support around Hurricane Sandy is incredible and humbling as people step up to donate, volunteer time and provide whatever help they can. We’ve been watching the developer community jump to action, building apps and tools for everything from local transit updates to hotlines for technical support. New York, New Jersey and other areas in the North East are still very much in need,… Read More