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IVR posts

  • By Kelley Robinson
    Cómo agregar la autenticación de clientes a Twilio Flex autenticación de clientes en el encabezado de Flex

    La seguridad del centro de llamadas es un punto débil conocido para muchas empresas. Esto se debe a que la mayoría de los centros de llamadas solo identifican y no autentifican realmente a los usuarios cuando llaman.

    La información de identidad suele ser un dato estático, como el número de teléfono o la fecha de nacimiento, cosas que mucha gente sabe sobre mí y sobre usted. La información de identidad suele ser fácil de encontrar o comprar y probablemente no cambia. Con un poco de búsqueda, los hackers pueden utilizar la ingeniería social para eludir la “verificación” común basada en el conocimiento de la identidad de un usuario. La autenticación es la forma de probar la identidad con un factor que puede ser algo que se conoce como una contraseña, algo que se tiene como una clave, o algo que se es como una huella digital.

    Las opciones para autenticar …

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  • By Prashanth Swaminathan
    Bringen Sie Ihr Unternehmen mit Twilio Studio voran Bringen Sie Ihr Unternehmen mit Twilio Studio voran

    Hallo und Danke fürs Lesen! Dieser Blogpost ist eine Übersetzung von Push Your Business to the Next Level with Twilio Studio.

    Umfragen zur Kundenzufriedenheit sind ein innovatives Mittel, um Feedback zum Aufbau eines treuen und zufriedenen Kundenstamms zu erhalten. Mit IVR-Umfragen (Interaktive Sprachantwort (Interactive Voice Response, IVR)) können Sie beim Zusammentragen von wichtigem Feedback auf unnötige Telefondienste verzichten.

    Die große Herausforderung besteht darin, die Kunden während der Umfrage bei der Stange zu halten. Genau dafür ist dieser IVR, mit dem Sie vor der Umfrage das Einverständnis der Kunden einholen, bestens geeignet. Auf diese Weise verringern Sie die Umfrageabbrüche, denn niemand wird befragt, der nicht befragt werden möchte. Außerdem ruft dieser IVR diejenigen Kunden zurück, die zwar ihr Einverständnis zur Umfrage gegeben, aber vorzeitig aufgelegt haben.

    Dieser Blogbeitrag zeigt Ihnen, wie Sie dazu Twilio Studio, unser zustandsorientierte, visuelle Workflow-Entwicklungsplattform, nutzen. Zunächst erstellen wir einen Studio-Flow. Anschließend entwickeln …

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  • By Wided Agrebi
    Twilio Studioで問い合わせ後のお客様フィードバックをアンケート収集する Push Your Business to the Next Level with Twilio Studio JP

    この記事はWided Agrebiこちらで公開した記事(英語)を日本語化したものです。

    Twilio Studioを気軽にご利用いただけるよう、本編とは別に日本語ブログ「Twilio Studioを利用し、コーディングなしでIVRフローを構築する」のご用意があります。ぜひ併せてご活用ください。



    このブログ記事では、TwilioのステートフルなビジュアルワークフロービルダーであるTwilio Studioを使った実現方法を紹介します。まずStudioフローを作成し、オペレータと話した後に顧客からフィードバックを収集するホットライン用のIVRを構築します。ドラッグ&ドロップのユーザーインターフェースを使用して、本 …

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  • By Wided Agrebi
    Push Your Business to the Next Level with Twilio Studio Push Your Business to the Next Level with Twilio Studio

    Customer satisfaction surveys are an innovative method for gathering the feedback you need to create a loyal and satisfied customer base. Using IVR (Interactive Voice Response) surveys will enable you to collect this crucial feedback while relieving you from unnecessary phone duty.

    However, the challenge here is how to prevent your customers dropping out before completion, and this is where you can leverage an IVR. You can start by asking for a customer's consent before initiating the survey. This way, you can minimise dropouts by removing those who do not wish to participate. Or you can call back those who dropped out after giving consent to increase your chances of keeping them engaged.

    This blog post will show you how to do that with Twilio Studio, our stateful visual workflow builder. We will start by creating a Studio flow, then build an IVR for a hotline …

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  • By Sarah Johnson
    Twilio Studioを利用し、コーディングなしでIVRフローを構築する No Coding IVR Studio Hero JP

    この記事はSarah Johnsonこちらで公開した記事(英語)を日本語化したものです。


    本稿は、このようなニーズをお持ちの読者を対象としています。以下では、Twilio Studioを活用し、本稿用に予め用意されているツールを用いてIVR(電話応答フローの処理ツリー)を設計する方法を解説します。開発(プログラミング)の専門知識は不要ですので、安心して読み進めてください。


    自動音声応答(IVR)とは、電話システムに関連する自動化テクノロジーで、これを使用することにより、通話の発信者は1つの電話番号を経由して、状況や選択に応じて、異なる情報または複数の人々にアクセスできるようになります。IVRシステムはキーパッド上のボタン押下等のやり取りを通じて通話者から情報収集を行い、収集情報に基づいて通話を適切に処理(例: お待たせ、ルーティング、転送、切断)します。IVRでは、「技術支援の …

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  • By Sarah Johnson
    How to Build a Studio IVR Flow with No Coding Experience No Coding IVR Studio Hero

    Do you have call routing needs? Don’t want your personal phone number on your website but also don’t want to carry two phones? Need low code and fast deployment?

    Well, you’ve come to the right place! This blog post will walk you through how to leverage Twilio Studio to create an IVR (phone tree) with a pre-built UI, no development expertise needed!

    What is IVR?

    Interactive Voice Response (IVR) is an automated phone system technology business use to allow callers to access different information or multiple people via one phone number. The system interacts with callers, gathers information from them, and then routes their call based on said information. IVRs can be as simple as “press 1 for technical assistance, press 2 for sales, press 0 to speak to the operator” or can be more complicated like flight lookups and changes when you call an airline.

    IVRs are a fantastic …

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  • By Bruno Kilian
    Transfer Calls Back to Your IVR from Flex Transfer into the IVR from Flex Hero

    We have all faced the scenario where we called a company, but talked with the wrong agent.

    Maybe we wanted to talk to Sales, but the Service team picked the call up – probably because we selected the wrong option while in the IVR.

    To tackle the scenario, agents will typically say, “please call us again, and press 2-4-1 to get to the correct department”. Or, perhaps, agents could transfer us to another department or queue but want to ensure that some parts of the IVR are still followed and tell us to hit a button sequence. And in yet another scenario, we may be offered the choice to follow a self-serve branch that may be more efficient for both the customer and the agent.

    This blog post will show you a step-by-step way to provide a better customer experience by allowing an agent to transfer a customer to the …

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  • By Kyle Chan
    Creating IVR Templates with Twilio Studio IVR_Studio_Header.png

    An Interactive Voice Response (IVR) system is critical in reducing operational costs, and increasing customer satisfaction. This blog post will show you how you can build your own API to templatize and deploy a custom IVR system with Twilio Studio.

    Twilio Studio is our no-code visual editor for building, editing and managing workflows. Studio is used by Twilio customers of all kinds and sizes to build everything from order notifications, to conversational IVRs, to survey tools and SMS-enabled chatbots.

    This project was originally built by our team as part of an internal hackathon. Our team's goal was to enable businesses to think outside the box on how our no-code Studio application could be used to help ISV partners build enterprise grade solutions. The API we're showcasing in this blog post was accompanied by a web form where users can sign up and select which IVR flows they would like to …

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  • By Krista Goralczyk
    Passing Context from Google Dialogflow to Twilio Studio (Or, There and Back Again) Studio and Dialogflow diagram

    While building an IVR in Twilio Studio, you may run into a scenario in the flow logic that could be better handled or enhanced by incorporating conversational AI. For example, a sick patient calls a medical office and selects the IVR option to get medical advice, but still needs to describe their symptoms to get detailed help. Or, a cyclist calls their local shop, gets routed to the mechanical department, then needs to schedule a time to get their bike fixed. The caller is routed to the correct department, then describes their unique intent to the voice agent, and a natural language processing (NLP) platform picks out key words and phrases from the conversation to determine exactly what they need.

    Blending a static decision tree with a conversational bot can solve a wide range of customer needs, from common requests to detailed problem solving. Callers will appreciate getting detailed medical …

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  • By Robert Hockley
    Creating a Emergency Outage IVR Response in Twilio Studio Article Header

    If you are part of a team that ensures the smooth operation of a contact center, you may be tasked with planning for the unknown. Surprises or rapidly changing situations are times when the value of a cloud-based voice solution shows through. In the case of an emergency — such as a weather-related closure, a facilities problem, or a personnel challenge — you may need to remotely activate a temporary change to your voice responder.

    In this article, I will use Twilio’s IVR solution to create an emergency outage message that can play for incoming callers, notifying them of an unmanned queue. This message can save customers time and frustration and give you space to ensure the health and safety of your team. If you follow along with me through the steps I present here, you’ll have a working outage message for your selected Twilio phone numbers.

    Tutorial prerequisites

    To …

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