Part Three: Verify Phone Numbers With Node.js Using Twilio SMS, Express and

Jon Gottfried

Every problem you solve as a web application developer requires a very particular set of tools. Tools that have been acquired over a very long career. Node.js is one of the latest frameworks to become a popular addition to the modern web stack. It allows you to easily build lightweight, event-driven applications that can handle a large amount of concurrent I/O. We have already helped you… Read More

Introducing Jon Gottfried, Developer Evangelist

My name is Jon Gottfried and I joined Twilio as a Developer Evangelist to evangelise your apps. I was first introduced to Twilio by John Britton, and within minutes of visiting the website I realized that I had discovered something amazing. From the first time I used Twilio, ideas for apps started popping into my mind. But much to my surprise, nothing I could dream of… Read More