Kynetx Keeps Rocking the Twilio Apps

We’ve previously written about Kynetx during the Twilio + Kynetx contest which was won by Julian Gay. For those that are unfamiliar, Kynetx is a platform for building real-time apps in the cloud. Twilio is one of many integration points you can add to your Kynetx apps. The crew over there has been on fire writing Twilio apps on the Kynetx platform. Here are a couple… Read More

Congratulations to Julian Gay, Winner of the Twilio + Kynetx Developer Contest

Congratulations to Julian Gay, the winner of the Twilio + Kynetx developer contest. Julian developed Playdate, an easy way for parents to coordinate play times with each other via SMS. Playdate works by allowing one parent to broadcast where they will be heading to play with their kids. Julian describes it as a “future check-in.” We wanted to know more about the story behind Playdate, how… Read More

Build a Twilio app using Kynetx for a chance to win an iPad

For this week’s contest, Twilio and Kynetx have partnered to give away an iPad to the best app built on the Kynetx platform that integrates with Twilio. Kynetx is a platform for building apps capable of interfacing with users on any URL or web-enabled device. Kynetx Apps give developers a way to “Program the Internet” and solve problems in uniquely interconnected ways. You can easily write… Read More

API Hackday Underway at Twilio HQ Today

We’ve banded together with other API companies to host the first ever API Hackday today.  We started out this morning with quick back-to-back presentations from all the API companies who organized and our generous sponsors, and then moved straight into hacking on project. Big thank yous to the organizers SimpleGeo, Heroku, Mashery, Apigee, and SendGrid and to our sponsors Amazon Web Services and Media Temple. Special thanks to those who flew in from out… Read More