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lead generation posts

  • By Ijeoma Nelson
    How To Create A Landing Page Leads Notification With Twilio SMS API and PHP How to Create a Landing Page Leads Notification App with Twilio's SMS API and PHP

    For many digital marketers, the landing page, also known as the "squeeze" or "destination" page, is that all important single page that is designed to capture the contact details of potential buyers.

    Typically part of a bigger marketing-funnel sequence, the landing page is designed to lead visitors through a journey that eventually converts them into buyers. However, in situations where the campaign objective requires a personal contact with each new lead as they arrive, a funnel system will not do the job.

    Thankfully, there’s a Twilio SMS API for that!

    In this tutorial, you'll learn how to build a landing page with a fully functional PHP form that sends a “you’ve got a new lead” notification via email and SMS.


    This tutorial assumes a basic understanding of HTML, CSS, Bootstrap, and PHP. In addition, to follow along, you need the following:

    • PHP 7.4. Ideally version 8. …
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  • By Kyle Kelly-Yahner
    Thorn Tech Drives Leads for Sprint at NASCAR Using Twilio DriveFirstApp

    Jeff Thorn TwilioGiving out a NASCAR superstar’s personal phone number is simpler than it seems. Just ask Jeff Thorn (pictured right).

    Jeff and his team at Thorn Technologies worked with Sprint to help market an app for Sprint customers called DriveFirst. The app registers when you’re in-motion and auto-replies to any text you receive, so you stay focused on the road and not your phone. Sprint wanted to cut down on texting and driving, while ramping up their new customer leads. Using Twilio, Jeff and his team helped Sprint contact over 6,000 new leads and drastically boost downloads of the Drive First App.

    When Sprint contacted Jeff Thorn, they already had a marketing strategy in mind. The idea was pretty simple: give NASCAR driver Dale Earnhardt Jr’s personal phone number to hundreds of thousands of NASCAR fans.

    Of course, Jeff and Sprint knew they couldn’t give out Dale’s real number. They …

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  • By Kyle Kelly-Yahner
    The Future of Mobile Marketing: Creating Connected Experiences Twilio Bug Logo

    futureofmobilemarketingAs mobile devices drive a second Internet revolution, an increasing number of companies have started leveraging cloud APIs and location-based messaging to interact with their customers creating more compelling experiences. This has become a source of competitive advantage for companies like Walmart and Airbnb.

    What it you could increase your marketing campaign response rates? What if you could customize your mobile marketing engine to your fit your needs? What if you could use your existing email marketing tools to address your mobile customer base?

    We tapped the minds of Forrester Research Principal Analysts Julie Ask and Jeffrey Hammond to learn how to incorporate this shift into your …

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  • By Twilio
    Engaging Users and Mobilizing Advocacy with Twilio Short Codes Twilio Bug Logo

    It’s been a little over a year since we launched our Twilio Short Code product, and in that time we’ve seen amazing applications built on top of the short code platform. Now with hundreds of registered short codes in our inventory, we’re armed to enable the developers building next generation communications.

    Developers are building messaging and notifications products in a way they’ve never done it before. Short codes aren’t just for American Idol anymore. From startups, to enterprises, from non-profits to government, these organizations are changing the way we interact with our devices.

    Mobilize Your Community: Mobile Commons offers companies, non-profits, and government agencies simple tools to reach people on the device they use most – their mobile phones. They are experts in running text-messaging-based campaigns and love the engagement they see with Twilio Short Codes. Rodger Wells, head of sales at Mobile Commons loves how the brevity of …

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  • By admin
    Marketing Innovator Finds Calls Are Worth As Much As 10x More Than Clicks Twilio Bug Logo

    Datalot pioneers the real-time auction and distribution of phone leads using the Twilio API

    A veteran of Internet advertising, Josh Reznick became intimately familiar with all manner of digital measurement when he founded his first online marketing company a decade ago. After selling that company, Reznick realized that in spite of all the innovation that had occurred with search and display advertising, there was still an enormous amount of friction in the process of transforming a person who clicked on an ad into a paying customer, especially when the product or service required some human interaction or a longer sales cycle.

    In 2009, Reznick decided to found Datalot to remove that friction. He had a vision of combining the online marketing channel with the phone channel so that the information that was gathered about people while they were online wouldn’t be lost when they picked up the phone. Reznick’s goal …

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  • By admin
    Belly Increases Mobile App download Rate 200% With Twilio SMS API Twilio Bug Logo

    How a successful startup satisfied its hunger for more mobile app installs

    Belly, a Chicago-based startup that offers a unique customer-loyalty program, was doing well. In just eight months, it had signed up more than 200,000 users and expanded coast to coast, thanks to a quirky set of rewards and an engaging mobile app. The company had also attracted more than $12 million in venture backing from Lightbank, Silicon Valley Bank and Andreessen Horowitz.

    But the management team wasn’t satisfied.

    “We wanted to make the most of the traffic that was coming to the Belly website,” said Craig Ulliott, the chief technology officer. If a customer signed up for Belly’s program but didn’t install the mobile app, he or she would have a hard time finding Belly merchants and participating in the program. That represented a potentially lost opportunity in a highly competitive market.

    Craig Ulliott, CTO of Belly …
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  • By Danielle Morrill
    Build Twilio-powered call tracking the seOverflow way Twilio Bug Logo

    Mike Belasco, a Twilio customer and President of Denver SEO company of seOverflow, made an excellent post a few weeks back explaining how to set up call tracking for your business from beginning to end using Twilio.

    It is a detailed post, so if you’re interested we suggest you check out the original post on the seOverflow blog, but here is what it covers:

    1. Register for a Twilio account
    2. Buy three local phone numbers
    3. Download the seOverflow phone call tracking code sample zip file here
    4. Open calls/handler.php in your favorite editor. Replace UA-XXXXXX-1 with your Google Analytics profile ID
    5. Upload twiml.php, handler.php, and Galavanize.php to a directory called/calls on your website.
    6. Update …
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  • By Danielle Morrill
    Real Estate Lead Generation with Digital Home Info – Developer Contest Winner! Twilio Bug Logo

    Adam-small-netbook-winner Congratulations to Adam Small, winner of the Twilio developer contest this week in the category of lead generation, with Digital Home Info.

    Home Information is a comprehensive lead generation and listing
    marketing system designed to help Realtors reach more buyers and
    attract sellers.

    The web interface allows listings agents to set
    up each of their properties so that information can be retrieved by
    phone, text, or web browser.

    How Digital Home Info Uses Twilio

    Digital-home-info-logoThe service utilizes Twilio
    so prospective buyers can call a toll free number and listen to
    prerecorded message about the listings. Callers have the option of
    pressing 1 to connect the call directly to the listing agent.

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  • By Danielle Morrill
    New Twilio Developer Challenge – Weeks #9 AND #10 Twilio Bug Logo

    Sorry everyone, I know I took my sweet time posting about this week’s contest category for the Twilio Netbook Mondays contest. Netbook Mondays you say, not Thursdays, and I hear you!

    To make up for it, and make sure you have enough time to create your submission, we’re extending this category deadline to the end of NEXT week. Submissions will be due on Sunday, July 26th.

    New Category: Lead Generation

    This time we’re challenging you to use Twilio for applications focused on lead generation. Although the term might be unfamiliar (you might have heard “inbound marketing”), it’s likely you already know what this use case is as a consumer.

    If you’ve ever filled out a form online with your contact information, requesting a quote or more information, it is likely that submission was treated as a lead and distributed to a provider of a product or service who then …

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  • By Danielle Morrill
    Michael Ansel Wins the Twilio + Heroku Challenge Twilio Bug Logo

    Congratulation to Michael Ansel, the winner of this week’s Twilio + Heroku Developer Challenge. Michael created not one but TWO submissions for this week’s competition, which required developers to build a Twilio application using Ruby and deploy to Heroku’s instant Ruby platform.


    Submission #1: DukeNow – What’s Open Now?

    The first is an application called DukeNow which allows students, employees, and visitors to the Duke University campus to find establishments that are open right now, simply by calling in.

    As Michael says, in his submission:

    Currently, the majority of those places are dining locations, but I am also adding the libraries and other campus services. In addition to buildi …

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