Aziz Ansari Outsmarts Ticket Trolls and Connects With Fans via Twilio SMS


Aziz Ansari had a “problem” most comedians would dream of: he sells out shows too fast. Madison Square Garden and Mandalay Bay sell out hours, sometimes minutes after Aziz announces his dates. But, it wasn’t Aziz’s fans buying tickets en masse. Ticket scalpers were snatching up seats before his fans could get them, and then demanding astronomical prices. He tried announcing shows at odd times like… Read More

Front Makes SMS Collaborative With Twilio


We think of text messages like letters being sent to personal mailboxes. Only the phone owner has a key to that mailbox. This is great for private communication between friends, family, significant others, etc. But it’s a nightmare for businesses. Your average on-demand business has a middleman between the customer and themselves. This could be a driver, flower delivery guy, bike messenger, or house cleaner. To… Read More

Metablocks Helps Bands Reach Fans via Social Apps with Twilio

Oliver Muoto built many successful companies. Now, he’s helping musicians build their fan base through social media apps. His company, Metablocks, helps artists interact with their (thousands of) fans easily and intuitively. Metablocks’ clients range from punk labels like Tooth and Nail Records, to Grammy winning artists like Sade. The thread connecting their client list is the ability to connect with fans through social apps. Their… Read More

Art, Data and Building Trees from Texts: Tracing The Roots of (x)Tree

When you think of text messaging, art isn’t the first thing that comes to mind. But, where some see texts, others see art. Agnes Chavez is a multi disciplinary artist making SMS in to much more than just text, with the help of creative coder and sound designer, Alessandro Saccoia. Agnes is a graduate of the California College of Arts working on her latest project, (x)Tree, an… Read More

Qwikon Makes Coupons Look Old Fashioned with Deals Direct to Your Phone

Hunger can inspire you to order delivery instead of cooking yourself, or hunger can inspire you to start a company. The latter was the case for Brooks Lambert, CEO of Qwikon. Brooks was driving back from a surfing trip, tired, hungry and trying to decide where to eat. That decision took too long so he decided he wanted to make a more streamlined way for businesses… Read More

Urban Savers Caters to Thrifty Urbanites With SMS Notifications

Who doesn’t like to save a little cash, especially on something you are already interested in purchasing. If you’re like me,  this is how you end up subscribed to different services for daily deals. The problem is that most of the time the offers aren’t relevant. This is where Urban Savers and the product GroupText comes in, founded by developer and serial entrepreneur Craig Dixon. We had a chance to… Read More

Make Calls Via Your Twitter Handle with Socialistr App

Kofi Bosque-Hamilton thought Twitter lacked a personal voice. So, he brought voice to Twitter–literally. Kofi, a senior developer at Oxfam America, made Socialistr, an app that allows you to make calls from one Twitter handle to another. Kofi seeks to unite social media users in a more personal way, allowing them to use their own voices to interact. Socialistr is built on a Ruby, Python and… Read More