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  • By Kelley Robinson
    How to detect a SIM Swap before sending an SMS OTP How to detect a SIM Swap before sending an SMS OTP

    While SMS one-time passwords (OTP) are a great solution for a lot of users, SMS is also vulnerable to SIM swap attacks. These attacks happen when a bad actor gains access to your cellular account through social engineering or bribery. Once the fraudster has a mobile operator convinced that they're you, they can have a new SIM card issued with your mobile number, gaining the ability to access your two-factor authentication (2FA) codes.

    SIM swaps are a normal activity if you're switching phones. However, SIM swaps are not a normal activity before making a large external funds transfer or other high value transaction. Luckily, research shows that checking for a SIM swap before sending an OTP "reduced SIM swap-based banking fraud to nearly zero overnight."

    Twilio's new SIM swap detection through the Lookup API will give you the tools to reduce fraud and keep your customers secure while still taking …

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  • By Kelley Robinson
    Migrate from Lookup V1 to Lookup V2 Migrate from Lookup V1 to Lookup V2

    Twilio's Lookup API has helped customers build customer onboarding experiences that seamlessly improve deliverability, mitigate risk, and produce a better user experience. We're excited to expand the Lookup API capabilities with new features and expanded geographic coverage with Version 2 of the API, now in Public Beta.

    For new development, we encourage you to use Lookup V2 instead of Lookup V1. V2 is an evolution of V1 with improved support for formatting, validation, line type, carrier, and caller name lookup plus new features like SIM swap and call forwarding.

    With continued support for formatting and validation, line type and carrier detection, and caller name information, V2 includes the following enhancements:

    🌏 Global support for line type detection, including VoIP 🎉

    ☎️ 12 line type response options (expanded from 3) including: fixedVoip, nonFixedVoip, landline, mobile, personal, tollFree, premium, sharedCost, uan, voicemail, …

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  • By Kelley Robinson
    How to filter landlines before sending SMS with the Lookup API How to filter landlines and other undeliverable destinations before sending SMS

    You successfully created a text message but shortly after received the unfortunate [Twilio Alert] On 1st error each day email. Maybe it was a 30006 - Landline or unreachable carrier or other undelivered message error. If you're lucky, your application handles status callbacks for undelivered messages.

    What if there was a way to catch undeliverable messages proactively? This blog post will walk you through using the Lookup API to determine line type, so that you can filter landline numbers before sending an SMS to them (and being charged for that SMS).

    Console screenshot showing error 30006

    How to determine if you have undelivered messages

    Twilio uses status callbacks to track message delivery status with webhooks. Learn more …

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  • By Kelley Robinson
    HTMLとJavaScriptで国際電話番号入力フィールドを作成する方法 How to build international phone number input in HTML and JavaScript

    この記事はTwilioデベロッパーエバンジェリストのKelley Robinsonこちら(英語)で執筆した記事を日本語化したものです。



    • 新規アカウントの登録
    • SMS 2FAの有効化
    • カスタマーサービスからの返信のリクエスト
    • マーケティング関連通知の登録





    このプラグインは、国コードのドロップダウンを表示し、さらに各国 …

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  • By Kelley Robinson
    HTMLとJavaScriptで電話番号の入力を検証する方法 validate phone numbers with html and javascript without using regex

    この記事はTwilioデベロッパーエバンジェリストのKelley Robinsonが執筆したこちらの記事(英語)を日本語化したものです。

    今回のBlogは、検索エンジンで「電話番号 正規表現」を検索して後悔したことがある方に最適です。電話番号の形式として有効なものは数多くありますが、電話番号が有効かどうかを確認するのに役立つ無料のツールもあります。

    今回の投稿では、Twilio Lookup APIとintl-tel-input JavaScriptプラグインを使用して電話番号の有効性をチェックする2つの方法について紹介します。今回の内容は「HTML/JavaScriptで国際電話番号入力を作成する方法」をベースにしています。こちらの投稿では、今回の投稿で紹介しているような美しい電話番号入力フィールドの作成に関する詳細を確認できます。





    アプリケーションによっては電話番号の入力欄がすでに用意されている場合があります。これから作成しようという場合、電話番号の入力を受け付けるシンプルなHTMLページを使用することをお勧めしま …

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  • By Kelley Robinson
    How to filter out VoIP numbers before sending an SMS OTP How to filter out VoIP numbers before sending an SMS OTP

    SMS one-time passwords (OTP) are a user-friendly solution for adding additional security to your application. One benefit of using phone numbers is that they're more likely to be associated with a unique user. However, VoIP numbers are often correlated with bots and don't have the same assurance that you're interacting with a real and unique user.

    This blog post will show you how to detect VoIP phone numbers before sending an OTP using the Lookup API's new Line Type Intelligence package.

    Line Type Intelligence is an improvement on an earlier version of carrier Lookup with more line type options and improved global support.

    Prerequisites for detecting line type

    Before you can detect a phone number's line type you'll need a Twilio account for using the Lookup API. Grab your Account SID and Auth Token (found in the Console) and use them in your API requests.

    Determine the line …

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  • By Ryan Schwartz
    Announcing New Mobile Intelligence Packages in the Twilio Lookup API New Mobile Intelligence Lookup Hero

    Today, we are excited to announce that Twilio will make your onboarding experiences and digital identity checks a whole lot smarter with new mobile intelligence packages launching in Beta in the Twilio Lookup API – Line Type Intelligence and SIM Swap. Lookup has long-provided key insights into a users’ phone numbers with the Lookup Format, Caller Name, and Carrier Lookup packages, and this release marks a significant expansion of that data.

    The Need for Mobile Intelligence

    User growth is a primary goal when building any application, platform, or service. But gone are the days of unrestricted growth.

    Organizations face scrutiny from investors concerned that fake accounts could be skewing growth metrics and end users and regulators worried about bots or fraudsters putting platform integrity at risk. Security must be considered a key part of building a positive user experience, specifically the onboarding experience.

    Enhancing security without increasing friction can be …

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  • By Kelley Robinson
    Twilio Lookupで電話番号のキャリアを特定する方法 Twilio Lookupで電話番号のキャリアを特定する方法

    この記事はKelley Robinsonこちらで公開した記事(英語)を日本語化したものです。

    誰でも知らない番号から迷惑電話を受けた経験があるのではないでしょうか。時には不可解なボイスメールやテキストメッセージが残される場合もあります。悪質な業者が、無料のオンラインプロバイダの電話番号を利用して偽のプロフィールを作成し、詐欺メールやスパムメールを送りつけることもあります。TwilioのCarrier Lookup APIを使用すれば、電話番号を提供するキャリアを特定し、どのユーザーが本物の携帯電話番号を所有しているかを特定できます。



    • 無料のTwilioアカウント。Twilioホームページをブラウザで開き、今すぐ無料サインアップボタンをクリックするか、Twilioアカウントの作成リンクからサインアップします。このリンクを使用するとアカウントのアップグレード時に$10(米国ドル)相当分のクレジットが追加で付与されます。
    • ターミナルまたはPostmanのようなツール。

    電話番号の情報はTwilio Lookup APIでクエリすることができます。APIが実行できるリクエストには、2つのTypeがあります。carrier(キャリア)とcaller-name(発信者名)です。この例ではcarrierに焦点を当てます。

    以下のリクエストは、特定の電話番号に関するキャリアの情報を返します。リクエストURLの電話番号は、+18557477626のようなE.164形式である必要が …

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  • By Aaron Goldsmid
    Twilio et Boku Mobile Identity : Une Expérience d'Intégration Sécurisée Boku Mobile Identity.png

    De plus en plus de transactions sont effectuées en ligne et les entreprises doivent s'assurer que chaque utilisateur est fiable tout en conservant une expérience utilisateur positive. C'est pourquoi nous sommes heureux d'annoncer l'intention de Twilio d'acquérir Boku Identity, Inc. (« Boku Mobile Identity »), un des principaux fournisseurs mondiaux d'identité et d'authentification.

    L'acquisition prévue de Boku Mobile Identity reflète l'engagement de Twilio à accélérer sa vision pour une identité mobile et une intelligence numérique transparentes.

    Présentation de Boku Mobile Identity

    Boku Mobile Identity est une suite de produits proposée aujourd'hui par Boku qui permet aux entreprises d'améliorer leur expérience utilisateur tout en renforçant la sécurité. Bien que les canaux de vérification d'identité tels que l'authentification à double facteur par SMS aient leur place, ces méthodes introduisent davantage de temps et d'efforts, ce qui peut réduire les conversions de l'inscription au paiement. Boku Mobile Identity peut vérifier les données des …

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  • By Kelley Robinson
    Build call forwarding with caller ID using Twilio Lookup TItle image: build call forwarding with caller id using Twilio Lookup

    Like most people these days, I don't answer my phone when I get a call from an unknown number. Unfortunately for me, phone calls are still an incredibly useful form of communication for many businesses. Fortunately for me, Twilio has useful products like Lookup to help determine whether an incoming call is from my dentist or if it's spam.

    This blog post will show you how to quickly launch a call forwarding service that sends you an SMS with Caller ID details when available (Caller name information is sourced through CNAM and currently only available for phone numbers owned by carriers in the US.) The service will send an SMS like the one below right before it forwards the call.

    Text message with incoming call message from Dr Dentist and carrier Twilio

    Best of all, there's no code required! You will deploy your …

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