Shane Jones Wins Twilio + Twitter Mashup Contest with 140Call

After much debate among the judges, its finally is time to announce the winner of the Twitter + Twilio mashup contest from a couple weeks back.  To fill you in, Twilio has a developer contest every week (or two) encouraging developers to explore new use cases, integrations with other service and APIs, and creative ways to integrate voice communications with web apps.  Learn more on our… Read More

New Developer Contest: Mashup Twilio & Open311

On Thursday evening last week we brought together over 300 people passionate about open data and the future of government 2.0 to hear from thought leaders in the space.  Twilio CEO Jeff Lawson was the MC for the evening, and joining him onstage where luminary speakers including Tim O’Reilly, Mitch Kapor, and Craig Newmark.  Special guests included Chris Vein, the CIO of San Francisco, and Philip… Read More

This Week's Developer Contest Category: Twilio +

Each week, we challenge developers to consider Twilio in a new context – whether that is a new mashup, use case, vertical, industry, or something else.  We’re consistently blown away by the creativity and innovation of Twilio developers, and we hope that you will discover the power and simplicity of using our voice and SMS APIs as part of your projects. Mashup Twilio and This… Read More

Twilio Screencast Contest Winner – 3 minutes, 47 lines of code

Last week we challenged Twilio customers to a contest category with a twist.  Instead of building a Twilio application for a specific category, we asked developers to create screencasts with a maxiumum leth of 3 minutes that demonstrate how to build a Twilio application. Justin Vaillancourt sis this week’s contest winner with his screencast for Online Universal Product Code Lookup, where he shows viewers how to… Read More

TWO Winners for Last Week's Twilio + Twitter Mashup Contest

Update: You might have noticed we haven’t announced a contest category for this week yet… stay tuned, we are going to have a “mini category” for now through Sunday. For the past two weeks, we’ve challenged Twilio developers to mash up Twilio and Twitter to see how people will combine the real-time web and cloud communications.  Last week, the prize went to Wayne Dyck at the… Read More

Startup Weekend Contest Winner: InstantLoop

Through November and December of 2009, we challenged developers in 10 cities worldwide to include Twilio’s API in their projects for the chance to win Netbooks for their entire team.  We’re excited to announce Voicify, which was recently rebranded as Instant Loop for their beta launch this week, as the winner of our the Twilio Startup Weekend Challenge. Congratulations to the Instant Loop team members: Michael… Read More