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Messaging posts

  • By Dan Bartlett
    Build a Messaging App Demo Proof of Concept with the Twilio Conversations API Messaging App POC Conversations

    Twilio’s Conversations API is described as A single API for seamless conversational messaging”. That sounds really cool, but what kind of things can you actually build with the Conversations API?

    Appfueled used Conversations API to build an engagement portal which resulted in 90% or greater retention rate, 46% more visits per year, and 15% spend for shops – what can it do for your business?

    For starters, the Conversations API is a foundational component in Twilio’s offering and our industry leading software applications, Twilio Flex, and Twilio Frontline, are built on top of the Conversations API.

    But the Conversations API can also be used to power your own multi-party or multi-channel applications. In this blog post, I will walk through configuring and deploying a digital channel Support and Messaging Application powered by Twilio Conversations.

    Applications Architecture

    Before we start building, let me show you the end result. Here …

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  • By Michelle Desien
    How to Achieve Messaging Compliance by Playing Strong Defense Copy of C03 Blog Text (2)

    In messaging compliance, it is important to remember that you are always playing defense. Setting up a compliant messaging program from the start will make sure that you don’t get dinged by the carriers in the long term.

    Filtering is often, though not always, driven by how customers are receiving (or not receiving) messages. If a sender is trying to message a lot of numbers that are landlines because they do not have a clear opt-in flow, the carriers will be more likely to filter. If customers are opt-ing out or marking as spam at high rates, carriers, again, will be more likely to filter. If your method of collecting consent is clean, content is wanted, and sender identification is clear, the likelihood of filtering is low.

    In this article, I will provide recommendations to help you set up a good defensive line from the start with these messaging …

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  • By Matthew Setter
    Build a Halloween SMS App with PHP and Twilio's Programmable Messaging API Build a Halloween SMS App with Twilio's Programmable Messaging API

    Halloween. It's the second-most celebrated festival in the US after Christmas!

    People of all ages dress up as ghosts, ghouls – often the scarier the better. Pumpkins are carved with spooky faces. And kids go trick-or-treating, coming home with so many sweets and candies that you'd think their tummies will explode.

    It's a wonderful time of year and a fascinating tradition. Let's join in the festivities, and build a small web application that can SMS a Halloween-themed image stored in a DigitalOcean Space to your friends and family using Twilio's Programmable Messaging API.

    If you want to trick them, you can send a scarier image and a scary message. If you want to treat them, you can send them a friendly image along with a fun, light-hearted message.

    Here's what the app will look like when you're finished.

    The complete Halloween-themed web app

    Sounds good? Let's begin.


    To follow this tutorial you …

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  • By Jesse Sumrak
    In-App Messaging: What It Is, How It Works & Why You Need It In-App Messaging: What It Is, How It Works & Why You Need It

    In-app messaging is one of many communication tools you can use to drive customer engagement and conversions. Haven't heard of it before?

    You're not the only one. This under-utilized marketing tactic is finally getting some of the love and attention it deserves. That's why you're here (now) reading this, right?

    Marketers can use in-app messaging (aka in-app notifications) with email, SMS, chatbots, and push notifications to enhance the user experience. But what is in-app messaging, and how is it different from push notifications? Do you need both?

    What is in-app messaging?

    In-app messaging lets you interact with users actively using your application with relevant messages. This might include encouraging someone scrolling through your blog to subscribe, or you could suggest a handbag that goes perfectly with the scarf your shopper just dropped in their shopping cart.

    You design your in-app messages to trigger based on your customers’ interests and behaviors. …

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  • By Raphaël LE GORANDE
    Your First SMS Campaign in Less than 5 Minutes csv-marketing-campaigns

    Twilio is a unique platform offering flexible APIs to communicate on different channels, including SMS, using our Programmable SMS product. Generally, using our APIs requires programming.

    Your CRM or internal tools are not necessarily natively connected with Twilio. In this article, we will show you how to deploy and use a turnkey application to send your first SMS campaigns from data (numbers and variable fields) contained in a CSV file, all without writing a line of code.

    This application will be deployed on the Twilio Runtime platform, a serverless platform that makes it so you don't have to worry about hosting infrastructure.

    Solution: CSV to SMS Campaigns

    Below is a screenshot of the application we are going to use and the result for one of the recipients.

    CSV to SMS app

    This article describes how to set up and use the CSV to SMS application. Below is a video that explains how it works …

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  • By Lina Calderón
    Cómo escalar su estrategia de mensajería con Whatsapp Business: Parte 2 WA Blog Part 2 Spanish

    Actualización agosto 2022: WhatsApp ha anunciado algunas actualizaciones a sus procesos y funcionalidades, entre las que se incluye un plazo más rápido de aprobación de las plantillas y la reducción de los requisitos para aumentar los límites de capacidad de mensajería. Estas actualizaciones se incluyen ahora en esta guía.

    Parte 2: Administración de las plantillas (HSM), Opt-Ins y mejores prácticas para casos de uso conversacionales

    Al escalar los casos de uso con Whatsapp, es posible enfrentarse a varios desafíos, como mantener los requisitos de opt-in o crecer la cantidad de mensajes conversacionales con los usuarios finales para mantener una buena calidad de los números y generar casos de uso enfocados en atención al cliente. En la primera parte de esta serie sobre cómo escalar con Whatsapp nos enfocamos en las mejores prácticas para mantener la calidad de los números y aumentar los límites de capacidad de envío. En esta segunda …

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  • By Becky Teper
    Scaling your Messaging Strategy with the WhatsApp Business Platform: Part 1 Scaling with the WhatsApp Business Platform

    August 2022 Update: WhatsApp has announced several updates to these processes and features, including a faster timeline for template approval and lower requirements to have messaging capacity limits increased. These updates are now included in the guidance shared here.

    Part 1: Sender Management & Capacity Limits

    For global businesses, interacting with customers on WhatsApp can help grow their trust and engagement with your brand, especially in regions where WhatsApp is a replacement for or a preferred alternative to SMS. However, as you are looking to grow your WhatsApp implementation, you might start running into challenges or roadblocks that you need to overcome to send WhatsApp messages at scale. As your WhatsApp use cases become more complex, learning how to scale with the WhatsApp Business Platform is critical to ensure you are able to achieve your messaging goals and deliver a positive customer experience.

    Increased complexity can look like higher messaging …

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  • By Becky Teper
    Scaling Your Messaging Strategy with the WhatsApp Business Platform: Part 2 Scaling with the WhatsApp Business Platform 2

    August 2022 Update: WhatsApp has announced several updates to these processes and features, including a faster timeline for template approval and lower requirements to have messaging capacity limits increased. These updates are now included in the guidance shared here.

    Part 2: Managing Templates & Opt-Ins and Best Practices for Conversational Messaging

    When scaling your WhatsApp use cases, you may run into challenges, such as maintaining compliance with opt-in requirements or encouraging more conversational messaging with your customers to drive engagement and new use cases around customer support or conversational commerce. In part one of this series on scaling with WhatsApp, we discussed how to manage sender quality and increase messaging capacity limits. In this post, we will discuss how to use WhatsApp templates and manage opt-ins, along with our best practices for driving conversational messaging use cases.

    Template Management

    Guidance around template requirements

    WhatsApp requires pre-approved message templates to send …

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  • By Becky Teper
    Unsere Partnerschaft mit Business Messages von Google Unsere Partnerschaft mit Business Messages von Google

    Hallo und danke fürs Lesen! Dieser Blogpost ist eine Übersetzung von Our Partnership with Google's Business Messages.

    Auf der SIGNAL 2021 haben wir unsere Partnerschaft mit Business Messages von Google angekündigt und Ihnen einen Vorgeschmack auf die Unterstützung von Business Messages von Google innerhalb der Conversations-API gegeben. Verbraucher entwickeln immer neue Vorlieben im Hinblick auf die Kanäle, über die sie kommunizieren möchten. Die Nachfrage steigt besonders beim Private Messaging für Kundensupport und kommerzielle Kommunikation mit einer Marke. Nutzen Sie Ihre Chance, sich mit diesem Kommunikationskanal von Ihren Mitbewerbern abzuheben.

    Über die Hälfte der Verbraucher gab mindestens eine asynchrone Messaging-Methode an, wie SMS- oder Messaging-Anwendungen, die es in ihre Top 3 der bevorzugten Kommunikationswege mit Unternehmen schafften. Das Pilotprojekt für Business Messages von Google in der Conversations-API ermöglicht Ihnen, direkt mit Ihren Kunden über die Google Suche und Maps zu interagieren, also dort, wo die Kunden am häufigsten nach Informationen …

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  • By Heather Hargreaves
    Twilio Segmentを利用した顧客リーチのパーソナライズ TwSegmentPersonalizeCustReachJP

    この記事はHeather Hargreavesこちらで公開した記事(英語)を日本語化したものです。

    ユーザーを、彼らが好んで使用するチャネル上で自動的に検出し、そのチャネル上でコミュニケーションを取りたいですか?この記事では、SendGridProgrammable SMSProgrammable VoiceSegment FunctionsSegment Personasを使用して、ユーザーの好むチャネルを計測し、パーソナライズする方法について説明します。


    この記事では、Twilio SendGridで配信されたメールを開封したか、Twilioからの通話に応答したか、Twilioから送信されたSMSメッセージに応答したかといったイベントデータをTwilio Segmentに送信する方法を紹介します。

    Segment Functionsを使用してSegmentでキャプチャされたイベントから、Computed Traitを計算します。さらにComputer Traitからエンゲージメントに最も利用されたチャネルが特定され、そのチャネルがユーザーの好むチャネルとして設定されます。今後通知を送信する際、アプリケーションによりユーザーの好むチャネルが確認され、SMS、メール、通話のどの方法でユーザーが通知を受信するかが選択されます。ユーザーの好むチャネルがまだ存在しない場合、ユーザ …

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