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  • By Volkan Paksoy
    Get notified of new magazine issues using web scraping and SMS with C# .NET Get notified of new magazine issues using web scraping  and SMS with C# .NET

    As a Raspberry PI fan, I like to read The MagPi Magazine, which is freely available as PDFs. The problem is I tend to forget to download it manually every month, so I decided to automate the process. If Raspberry Pi is not your thing, you should be able to modify the demo application to work for any periodical publication that offers free downloads.


    You'll need the following things in this tutorial:

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  • By Anthony Dellavecchia
    Summarize Text from Images Using AI, Python, and Twilio Summarize Text from Images using AI, Python, and Twilio

    Content, content, content! Are you overwhelmed by the amount of content you’re asked to read on a daily basis? Don’t you wish you could quickly summarize large chunks of text? It’d be a huge timesaver, especially for college students who read a lot of content!

    In this blog post, I will teach you how to build an app in Python that performs text recognition on photos, summarizes that text, and then sends you a summary via SMS.

    The app in action, text your phone and get a summary

    Here’s a typical use case: you see a large wall of text that you don’t want to read, so you pull out your phone to take a picture of that text, then you receive a SMS with a nice summarization. Boom, time saved!

    Gif of me using the app with a typical use case


    Before getting started, it’s important to have the following before moving on:

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  • By Ashley Boucher
    Build a Virtual Whiteboard for Back to School: Save Incoming SMS, MMS, and Voice Calls to Airtable with JavaScript Copy of C03 Blog Text (5)

    It’s back to school time and for college students in a remote environment, what better way to recreate the dorm experience than with a virtual whiteboard. Your friends can send a text or MMS to your Twilio phone number and it will appear on your web app.

    In learning how to build a virtual whiteboard, you’ll master two concepts: saving incoming SMS and MMS messages to an Airtable database, and displaying these messages on a web app. That second part – displaying the messages on a web app – will be covered in a second post.


    To get started with this tutorial, you’ll need the following:

    Create your Airtable base

    Login to …

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  • By Hayden Powers
    Learn How to Use Twilio Functions by Building an SMS Measurement Converter for JavaScript Beginners How to use Twilio Functions JavaScript Beginners Header image

    There I was, in a desolate cabin with nothing except my maladaptive daydreams, 2G coverage, and ingredients for the only dish I had ever managed to write down splayed out on the countertops. There was just one problem. After desperately rummaging through the rental’s kitchen cabinets, I found only a single tablespoon hanging lonesomely on an otherwise empty ring.

    The proportions of ingredients were important in this dish, but I hadn’t actually sat down and memorized all the conversion rates before. Without internet service, not even Google could save me, but I did my best to eyeball it and make due.

    Someone about to eat but being disgusted by the smell of the food

    It turned out terrible, and I vowed to never be in such a predicament again.

    With some beginner-friendly JavaScript and hosting by Twilio Functions, we could make a measurement converter that can be used anywhere with cell service. In this tutorial, we will do just that! May our recipes …

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  • By Néstor Campos
    How to send a vCard with MMS using C# and .NET Send vCards via MMS using C# and .NET

    You can use the Twilio Programmable Messaging to send contact information in vCard format via MMS. If you have a business with many users and you must send contact information, you should consider sending it over MMS. You can also send vCards via WhatsApp, but using MMS will allow you to reach anyone even if they don't use WhatsApp. In this post, you will see how to generate and send vCards over MMS programmatically using C# .NET.


    You will need the following for your development environment:

    You can find the source code of this tutorial in this GitHub repository.

    What is vCard?

    vCard …

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  • By Johnny Nguyen
    Build a Travel Recommender with Twilio MMS, Flask, and Airtable Build a Travel Recommender with Twilio MMS, Flask, and Airtable

    Are you looking for your next travel destination, but can't decide on where to travel to? For National Anti-Boredom Month, consider building this travel recommendation bot to make the decision for you.

    In this tutorial, you will use Twilio's Programmable Messaging API, Python, Flask, and Airtable to build a travel recommendation bot. After messaging the bot, the bot will reply with an image and location of your next travel destination.


    To continue with this tutorial, you will need:

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  • By Alex Chun
    Integrating Salesforce with Twilio Frontline for Insight-driven Donor Engagement Twilio-Frontline-Donor-Engagement

    In today’s digital-first world, it’s no surprise that relationships are built both offline and online. However, when it comes to donor engagement, it’s historically been hard to empower teams to engage donors across channels like messaging and voice while maintaining staff and donor privacy. It's been harder still to achieve this while tracking the progress of these engagements in your system of record, like a CRM.

    That’s where Twilio Frontline comes in – a programmable, mobile-first application that is used to securely build personalized donor relationships over preferred channels such as SMS, WhatsApp, and voice. And, with integrations into data systems like Salesforce, teams can easily access all the context they need and track engagements efficiently.

    In this blog post, we are going to specifically cover how Twilio Frontline can be most effectively used for donor engagement. We’ll walk through how to set up Twilio Frontline, integrate it with Salesforce, …

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  • By Casey Runnells
    MMS for Long Text Messages is Generally Available MMS for Long Text Messages

    In certain instances, businesses need to send longer text messages to communicate effectively. Perhaps it’s a doctor’s office sending post-appointment care notes or a retailer sending a promotion that includes emojis. But the increased character counts in such messages can cause them to be sent across several text messages (segments) which may diminish the recipient's experience and increase costs.

    That’s why we’re excited to announce that MMS for Long Text Messages is now generally available!

    This feature allows Twilio customers to deliver those longer messages to their recipients via a single MMS message instead of it being broken up into smaller SMS segments. MMS for Long Text Messages is available at no additional cost as part of our Messaging Services features. It is available in the US and Canada and can be used with Short Code, Toll-Free, and A2P 10DLC sender types.

    This is another step in …

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  • By Nathalia Velez Ryan
    How to Send a Text via Email (And an Email via Text): A Simple Guide email to sms

    Whether you’re in a pickle and need to reach someone quickly or you’re trying to connect with a customer through their preferred channel, sending an email to text (or a text to email) is sometimes the best solution.

    In this post, we’ll show you how to do both in just a few minutes. Plus, we offer an alternative that uses application programming interfaces (APIs) to scale your 2-way email-to-text communications.

    How to send an email to text

    If you’ve ever found yourself in an airport with no cell phone service but with free Wi-Fi, you can imagine how useful it is to send an SMS via email.

    While it’s not common for businesses to use SMS gateways to send text messages via email, this option can come in handy in a pinch. For example, you can send emergency alerts from your email directly to recipients’ phones to ensure they see …

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  • By Twilio
    How to Retrieve & Restore Deleted Text Messages Retrieve and Restore Deleted Texts.png

    Businesses thrive when consistently interacting with customers and clients, but not all of the exchanges are via email. Some occur on external platforms, while others are on mobile SMS or MMS. There are numerous inbound and outbound inquiries, responses, and other types of messages that flood inboxes every day, making it easy for anyone to accidentally delete an important text message. Learn how to restore deleted text messages on an iPhone or Android.

    Data loss can severely hinder operation and communication between businesses and consumers. It’s important to be prepared for the worst so that when it does happen, your business doesn’t incur costs or lose time—and will be able to facilitate stress-free, secure conversations.

    The following are some useful tips on how to recover deleted text messages.

    How to restore deleted text messages on iPhone

    Most current iPhone models back up SMS messages on iCloud, Apple’s storage and computing …

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