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  • By Felistas Ngumi
    How To Send Images on WhatsApp using PHP Copy of Photo blog Header 2.png


    WhatsApp is one of the most popular instant messaging applications used globally. It has over 450 million active users every day with an average user checking WhatsApp 23 times in a day. Modern businesses that have upheld online marketing tools in order to reach their customers have recorded tremendous growth in their sales and increased their customer base. In this tutorial, I’m going to take you through how to send WhatsApp messages with image attachments using PHP.


    Ensure you have the following installed in your local development environment.

    1. PHP
    2. Twilio Account activated with WhatsApp Sandbox Channel.
    3. Twilio PHP SDK

    Getting Started

    In your preferred terminal, run the following commands:

    $ mkdir demo
    $ cd demo
    $ touch twilioWhatsAppMessaging.php .env
    $ composer require twilio/sdk vlucas/phpdotenv

    The above commands create a folder named demo, in which the twilioWhatsAppMessaging.php and .env files are created inside of it. We have …

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  • By Christopher Konopka
    Send a gif with Go using MMS in 14 lines konopka-blog02-gophertop.png

    In past posts we’ve shown you how to use Go to send SMS and how to make and receive calls with Twilio. What if I wanted to share a gopher gif with a friend using Go? Twilio can do that too!

    package main
    import (
        twilio "github.com/kevinburke/twilio-go"
    func main() {
        client := twilio.NewClient("TWILIO_AUTH_SID", "TWILIO_AUTH_TOKEN", nil)
        gif, _ := url.Parse("https://media.giphy.com/media/uGGT9wVlxPAuk/giphy.gif")
        mms, _ := client.Messages.SendMessage("FROM_NUMBER", "TO_NUMBER", "", []*url.URL{gif})
        fmt.Println("You just sent a gif with Twilio using Go!! " + string(mms.Status) + " - " + string(mms.Sid))

    Setting Up

    To start you will need a few things:

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  • By Alessio Fanelli
    Build Your Own Daily Fantasy Football Salary Tracker with Ruby and Twilio MMS Fantasy football with Twilio MMS

    September is here, the NFL has kicked off and the fantasy season is in full swing. Kareem Hunt is a beast, Zeke is gonna serve a 6 week suspension, there’s so much going on! In this post we’ll show you how to build a price tracker for your favorite daily fantasy sports website with Ruby. It will help you stay on top of the competition and receive price alerts as soon as they happen.

    Tech-wise, we will use SQLite, an embedded database, and Sequel, a lightweight database toolkit for Ruby, to store all the data downloaded for easy accessing and querying. We will then setup a recurring task that downloads the CSV every “x” amount of time, like, say, two hours, and compares the entries with the ones received in the previous update. You will then receive a recap of all changes via MMS on your phone which …

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  • By Tom Tobin
    Introducing Message Vault for accessing final SMS and MMS states message-record-vault
    • Get a flat file of message activity for a day—starting with yesterday.
    • Vault access is free.
    • Available in developer preview.

    We’re excited to announce a new feature called Message Vault, which lets you access and download a flat file containing records of all your incoming and outgoing messages. It’s available in developer preview starting today. Using Message Vault, you can now:

    • Load a data warehouse with the state of all your messages, so you can query and aggregate on it
    • Check the status of messages without going back to the Twilio API
    • Archive your usage if you have a regulatory or compliance mandate

    If you’ve started using Programmable SMS, you might ask yourself…“What happened to all those messages we sent?”. Or, somebody paying for the messages is going to come and stand behind you, and when you least expect it, ask you that. Either way, now you’ll be …

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  • By Corey Weathers
    Porting a Twilio MMS app to .NET Core with Visual Studio Code social-sms-csharp.2e16d0ba.fill-1200×630-c100

    What are We Doing

    I’ve been a huge .NET fan since the days of .NET Framework 1.1. A number of years and upgrades later, Microsoft turned things up by introducing .NET Core and Visual Studio Code, allowing developers to write and run code from wherever we want without sacrificing productivity, security, or performance. If you’re asking the question, “Well, what does .NET Core do for me?”, then check this out. In a previous blog post, we built an API that shares photos via MMS backed by Dropbox cloud storage using C# and the .NET Framework 4.5. Let’s convert that API from targeting the .NET Framework to .NET Core.

    How are We Doing This

    To do this, we need to

    1. Install .NET Core (and any prerequisites), Visual Studio Code, and the C# Extension
    2. Create a new project using the .NET Core command line interface (CLI)
    3. Copy our …
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  • By Sam Agnew
    Texting robots on Mars using Python, Flask, NASA APIs and Twilio MMS NASA_Mars_Rover

    NASA has a bunch of awesome APIs which give you programmatic access to the wonders of space. I think the Mars Rover Photos API in particular is really amazing as you can use it to see what kind of pictures the Mars Curiosity rover has been taking.

    Let’s build an app using the Mars Rover API with Twilio MMS, Python and Flask to make it so that we can text a phone number and receive pictures from Mars.

    Setting up your environment

    Before moving on, make sure to have your environment setup. Getting everything working correctly, especially with respect to virtual environments is important for isolating your dependencies if you have multiple projects running on the same machine.

    You can also run through this guide to make sure you’re good to go before moving on.

    Installing dependencies

    Now that your environment is set up, you’re going to …

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  • By Kyle Kelly-Yahner
    Shannon Turner Builds A Pet Cam Using Django, Raspberry Pi and Twilio BudgieCam.001

    Thanks to the power of code, your pets are never more than a POST request away. Shannon Turner built a Twilio MMS, Raspberry Pi + Django hack so she can see what her winged companion, a lovely parrot, is up to when she’s out.
    “Any time I miss my pet, a photo of him playing with his toy is only a text message away,” says Shannon. “I’ve had BudgieCam running for just over a month and I’ve already taken over 200 photos and nearly 100 videos.”

    Building BudgieCam


    When Shannon is on the road, she sends a text to her Twilio-powered number. Twilio gets that requests and fires off a POST request to Shannon’s Django site which triggers her Raspberry Pi (complete with Raspberry Pi Camera) to …

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  • By Matt Makai
    Getting Started with Python, Bottle and Twilio SMS / MMS Python, Bottle and Twilio SMS / MMS

    Python applications can easily send and respond to text and picture messages using a web API. Outbound messages are sent through Twilio’s RESTful API, while inbound messages are received by your application when Twilio makes an HTTP POST request. We will walk through how to set up a Bottle web app to handle both SMS and MMS messages.

    Tools We Need

    You’ll need Python 2 or 3. Although, Python 3 is recommended by the developer community for all new applications. Install one of those two Python versions on your system. We also need the following:

    All the code …

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  • By Sam Agnew
    Pokemon Faux: Create Fake Pokemon Go Screenshots with Python, Flask and Twilio MMS PokemonFauxBanner

    Pokemon Go is awesome and we all want to show off when we catch rare Pokemon. Let’s build a quick hack using Python and Twilio MMS that will allow you to trick your friends into thinking that you’ve encountered legendary Pokemon.

    You can continue reading to find out how to build this, or try it out now by texting an image and the name of a legendary Pokemon to:

    (646) 760-3289


    Getting started

    Before diving into the code, you’ll first need to make sure you have the following:

    • Python and pip installed on your machine
    • A free Twilio account – sign up here
    • The images we will need to use including screenshots of models of the legendary Pokemon and the overlay for the Pokemon encounter screen. Create a new folder called pokemon-go-images in the directory where you want your project to live and save them there.

    The dependencies we are …

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  • By Kyle Kelly-Yahner
    TTAG Systems Brings Customers’ Ideas To Life With Twilio TTAG

    Great ideas shouldn’t die on the vine. When a company lacks the technical expertise to ship their idea, they can drop it — or call the experts. TTAG Systems specializes in bringing their customers’ communications ideas to fruition.
    “We try to find solutions for our customers,” says TTAG Systems, Chief Innovation Officer, Armen Matosyan. “Typically our customers have heard about the technology they want to use but don’t know how to use it.”  That’s where TTAG Systems comes in. When TTAG Systems weighs which tools to use to build their customers ideas, they choose Twilio.

    Building Customers Their Ideal Communication Experience

    TTAG Systems built mobile coupons with custom QR codes, launched city wide advertising campaigns tracked by SMS engagement, and built in-store SMS surveys using Twilio. Twilio is the hammer they use to build a proverbial house for their customers. And TTAG Systems is building some  pretty cool …

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