InTooch Lets You Easily Connect With New Contacts via Twilio SMS

Co-founder and CEO Julien Salanon was working for AOL Europe when he decided on a whim to attend Mobile World Congress. When he arrived, he realized he’d forgotten his business cards and had no easy way to share his contact information. He ended up calling everyone he met in order to exchange numbers, and that’s when the idea for inTooch hit him. What if there was… Read More

Caremerge Automates Communications for Long Term Care Facilities

Caremerge is disrupting and old industry with new tech. The young company recently won the InnovateLTC and LINKTank award for  “Most Innovative Company of 2012 in Long Term Care.” Caremerge is bringing mobile apps powered by Twilio to the long term care industry, connecting families, residents, nurses and doctors, all while saving time and money. The company, based in Chicago, was founded in 2011 by Fahad… Read More