SkaFlash Connects Fans with Bands Through Twilio SMS #twiliosxsw #sxsw

Freshly launched at SXSW, SkaFlash is changing the way bands connect with their fans on the fly with Twilio SMS. Created and coded by Geoffrey Simpson and the frontman for Austin rockers Alpha Rev Casey McPherson, the band management app is gearing up to take SXSW Music by storm. This team is fresh off a victory from our SXSW DOer developer contest and jumping in to hustle for SkaFlash… Read More

Hall & Oates on Speed Dial: Viral Success Powered by Twilio

Developers use Twilio to create amazing apps every day, from simple hacks to building a business, and sometimes, they create Callin’ Oates. The first Twilio app developed by Michael Selvidge, a new corporate communications manager at Twilio, became an runaway success spurred from just one tweet. Dial 1-719-26-OATES to listen to your choice of one of four Hall and Oates hit songs on demand. So far,… Read More

What is Twilo Thunder Anyway?

Like anyone trying to listen to what people are saying about our company, I follow some common misspellings of Twilio on Twitter and using Google blog search.  Frequently, I come across something called “Twilo Thunder”, and since today is a Saturday and I’m catching up on email I figure it was high time I check it out. Turns out it’s a song by Breeder, and this… Read More