Music Hack Day App Lets You Unlock New Tracks From Beastie Boys and Trent Reznor

Ian Rogers, CEO of digital music service Daisy, a new company launched by Dr. Dre didn’t go into Music Hack Day with a specific idea, but in 24 hours built a Twilio app with two very special musical guests. Maebe lets listeners dial in to leave a message for specific artists like Trent Reznor, or Beastie Boys and follows up with download link to new music… Read More

NYHacker Presents Music Hack Day New York

Register for Music Hack Day New York On behalf of NYHacker, “the nyc hacker union” I am proud to announce Music Hack Day New York. Since the first Music Hack Day, (London, July 2009) New York has been eagerly awaiting the arrival of the most awesome music hackfest on the planet. Music Hack Day is about creating software, hardware, art… anything at all related to music…. Read More