Announcing the winner of the Alerts & Notifications Twilio Developer Contest!

Last week, for our weekly developer contest, we challenged Twilio developers to build applications using Twilio voice and SMS that power up alerts and notifications, and it's time to announce the contest winner.   If you are looking for the new contest category, please scroll down. Airplane Booking System by Carl Tyler Carl’s Airplane Booking System uses Twilio so that users can book a plane using… Read More

Getting Started with Twilio SMS – Ideas, Resources, and Motivation

On Tuesday, we announced our newest product, the Twilio SMS for programatically sending and receiving text messages with your Twilio phone numbers.  We’ve also got a developer contest running this week that we’d love to see you get involved with.  For almost a year, we’ve been giving away a Netbook each week (and sometimes even more than one!) to the best app developed in different categories. … Read More

TWO Winners for Last Week's Twilio + Twitter Mashup Contest

Update: You might have noticed we haven’t announced a contest category for this week yet… stay tuned, we are going to have a “mini category” for now through Sunday. For the past two weeks, we’ve challenged Twilio developers to mash up Twilio and Twitter to see how people will combine the real-time web and cloud communications.  Last week, the prize went to Wayne Dyck at the… Read More

Netbook Contest Winner: News Voice International

Last week we brought back the Twilio developer contest with a new category – Twilio for the news media.  We’ve been running weekly contests for almost a year now (!) and we’re still blown away by the creative uses people find for Twilio.  This year, we’ll continue to award a Netbook on a regular basis and we will also focus on highlighting more submissions than ever… Read More

New Netbook Contest Category: Twilio for the News Media

Twilio Netbook Mondays are back, so get in on the Twilio developer challenge for your chance to win a Netbook!  This year we’ll be doing things a little differently, blogging your submissions whether or not they win and helping bring more awareness to the talent, creativity, and awesome applications and integrations being built by Twilio developers. We will also promote your applications on our website, LinkedIn… Read More

New Contest Category: Twilio Conferencing

Earlier today, we announced the release of the latest Twilio feature: Simple Conferencing.  We are also making conferencing the focus of this week’s Twilio developer contest, and challenge you to use conferencing in a Twilio application for your chance to win a sexy little Dell Netbook. How the Developer Challenge Works Each week, we choose a category for developers to focus on when creating their contest… Read More

5 Cities Added to the Twilio Startup Weekend Challenge

Last week we watched as several Startup Weekend teams worked hard to integrate Twilio into their projects for the chance to win their local Startup Weekend event, and become eligible to win the Twilio Startup Weekend Challenge and score Dell Netbooks for the entire team. We originally included 10 cities in the contest, but are excited to announce we have added 5 more to up the… Read More

New Contest Category: Twilio for Salesforce, with Appirio

How can you help your customers streamline their business processes, convert leads, and take their company to the next level using Twilio plus Salesforce?  For the next two weeks (#24 and #25 of the contest, for those keeping track), we’ve teamed up with Salesforce and Appirio for what promises to be one of our most exciting developer challenges yet – the chance to win a Netbook… Read More

This Week's Contest: Ecommerce

For week #22 of the Twilio Netbook contest, the category is ecommerce.  We are looking for ways the Twilio API can be used to help facilitate commerce on the Internet/Internets/Intertubes. Handles sales calls Order status by phone Getting shipping information by phone Support over the phone The winning application will receive shiny new netbook from Twilio.  When you’re ready, submit here.