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  • By Ashley Boucher
    Build an Emergency Contact Notification System with Twilio SMS Copy of C04 Blog Text

    September is National Disaster Preparedness Month. To help yourself stay prepared, you’ll learn how to build an app that will send an SMS to all of your emergency contacts with just one text message. If you find yourself in a difficult or emergent situation, having the ability to notify multiple people with one quick message might be able to get you help faster or reunite your family sooner.


    To get started with this tutorial, you’ll need the following:

    Build your app with Twilio Functions

    Your app will run on Twilio Functions. Twilio Functions is a serverless environment that lets you deploy backend services without the overhead of setting up a server. With Twilio Functions, you can develop locally and deploy to production through the Twilio …

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  • By Hayden Powers
    How to Make Charts in Notion using Database Data and Node JS Header image for Notion charts tutorial

    The popular productivity tool Notion is so versatile that if you longed for some non-native functionality, you don’t always have to wait for their team to include an implementation, you can build your own implementation integrated directly into their platform!

    One such component that is not currently supported at the time of writing is the ability to make charts from database data in Notion. Many no-code services available online will offer their own integrations to provide charts, but if you ever wanted to know how to make your own charts for free using Notion’s API and SDK, along with a couple of other API’s to help render the charts and host the images, then read on to discover one way of accomplishing this task.


    To follow along with this tutorial, you will need the following:

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  • By Dhruv Patel
    Build a Song Identifier Phone Service with Twilio Voice and JavaScript Song identifier phone service header

    We’ve all had moments where we’ve listened to a song, but just couldn’t remember the name of it or it was on the tip of our tongues. In times like these, Shazam is the way to go; open up the app, have it listen to some audio and it’ll immediately output the song title and artist.

    When Shazam first launched, it was initially a phone service only in the UK where you dialed “2580” to identify a song. Once you called the number, you would hold your phone near the audio and it would then hang up after 30 seconds while sending you an SMS of the song title and artist.

    After finding out about their “2580” service, the inner engineer in me came out. I was curious to see how this can be built with Twilio Programmable Voice and SMS so I challenged myself to create a clone of …

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  • By Hayden Powers
    How to Create, Update, and Delete Data in a Notion Database using Node JS Header image for notion database tutorial post

    Notion is a popular productivity tool used widely in both professional and personal settings. As of May 2021, Notion released their very own public beta JavaScript SDK to use with their API. At the time of writing, it is installable via npm and makes the process of working with Notion much more straightforward than it was before.

    This tutorial explores the basics of manipulating data in a Notion database using their API and SDK with NodeJS. This tutorial aims to be beginner-friendly and will have explanations of every step. So without further ado, let’s get started!


    Before beginning, ensure you have the following:

    • The latest version of NodeJS installed on your computer
    • A Notion account – this tutorial assumes a free personal account
    • An IDE – I will be using VSCode

    Initial setup

    There are two things that need to be set up in order to follow along …

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  • By Dhruv Patel
    Send and Receive SMS Messages via Discord with Twilio and Node.js Send and Receive SMS messages via discord header

    In recent years, Discord has become the central messaging platform for communities especially with the help of Discord bots. Through Discord’s extensive API, developers are able to build robust bots that are capable of various actions such as automating tasks and chatting with users.

    With the gaining traction of Discord bots, I decided to think of ways that Twilio can be used alongside it. A fitting integration would be to use Twilio Programmable Messaging; you can communicate with those who don’t have Discord or SMS, or even be notified on important events such as if you’ve been mentioned or if members have left or joined your server.

    In this article, you’ll learn how to build a Discord bot that’s able to notify you on important events on your server and allow you to send messages to your server all through SMS.

    Phone screenshots of discord app and SMS app showing notification of new user joining and two way messaging


    Here’s what you’ll need for this …

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  • By Miguel Grinberg
    Cambie el fondo de sus videollamadas con la librería Processors de Twilio Video twilio-video-processor-header

    El reemplazo del fondo y el desenfoque es una gran función que ofrecen los principales actores del espacio de videoconferencia, especialmente apreciada por quienes se han visto obligados a improvisar un espacio de trabajo en sus hogares como consecuencia de las medidas de cuarentena y permanencia en casa, aplicadas para combatir la propagación del COVID-19.

    Esta función llega ahora al producto de Twilio Programmable Video a través de la librería JavaScript de Processors de Twilio Video. En este breve tutorial, aprenderá a agregar filtros de procesamiento de video a una secuencia de video capturada por su navegador web.

    Demostración de efectos de fondo

    Requisitos previos

    En el momento en que escribo este artículo, la librería Processors de video solo funciona en Chrome, por lo que deberá usar este navegador. Puede comprobar la lista actual de navegadores compatibles en la documentación para verificar si hay actualizaciones.

    La aplicación de ejemplo que va a crear como …

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  • By Will Johnson
    Send Welcome Emails After New Signups with SendGrid and Auth0 Actions Automate welcome emails header

    Welcome emails are one of your first opportunities to make a good impression on new customers and it’s the one broadcast every user will see. It’ll also set the foundation of a good relationship from the start. Twilio SendGrid enables you to deliver emails to your customers without using engineering resources to do it yourself.

    If you aren’t familiar with Auth0, it is an Identity Access Management (IAM) platform that helps manage authentication and authorization in applications securely. Auth0 has recently launched Actions which lets developers customize the behavior of Auth0 applications at certain trigger points through functions written in Node.js.

    In this post, you’ll learn how to send a welcome email after a new user signs up to your Auth0 application using the SendGrid Mail Send API and Auth0 Actions.


    • A free Twilio SendGrid Account – Sign up here.
    • A free Auth0 Account – …
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  • By Shawn Stern
    Build a Serverless Call Routing Application with Time Zone Management in JavaScript Build a Serverless Call Routing Application with Time Zone Management in JavaScript

    Time of day routing allows you to manage where incoming calls are directed based on time periods and which day it is. For example, routing calls to a support line during business hours or an after hours voicemail to maximize customer satisfaction. This can get extra tricky when the server that’s running your call routing app is located in a different time zone than your business (and this is extremely likely)!

    In this tutorial, you’ll be building an app that routes incoming calls depending on the day, time of day relative to your business hours, and your business’ time zone. This will all run on Twilio’s Serverless infrastructure, so you won’t need to worry about hosting.


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  • By Miguel Grinberg
    Verify Your Users on WhatsApp with JavaScript and Twilio Verify Your Users on WhatsApp with JavaScript and Twilio

    Twilio Verify is an easy to use service for user verification. This service now includes support for WhatsApp one-time passcodes (in public beta, as of June 2022). In this tutorial you’ll learn how to implement a WhatsApp user verification flow in a JavaScript application, using Node.js and Express.

    Verification code sent to WhatsApp


    To work on this tutorial you will need the following items:

    Create a Twilio Verify service

    To use Twilio Verify in an application, a Verify service must be created first. Open the Twilio Console in your web browser, type verify in the navigation bar’s search box, …

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  • By Dhruv Patel
    Receive SMS Alerts for Email Opens and Clicks with Twilio SendGrid and Node.js SMS alerts for email opens and clicks header image (2)

    When it comes to messaging applications, read receipts are a common feature that allow you to know if your recipient has read your message. For email applications, this feature is very uncommon; however, when sending marketing and especially important emails, it's sometimes vital to know and keep track of whether your recipients have opened and read your email.

    When using Twilio SendGrid, keeping track of email engagement is seamless through Event Webhooks. Event Webhooks not only track the delivery status of your emails but also engagement events such as if an email has been opened or a link within an email has been clicked. Pairing open and click tracking for emails with Twilio’s Programmable SMS API will ensure you’re up to date on the status of your important emails.

    In this tutorial you’ll learn how to track and send SMS alerts for open and click events for your …

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