Forward incoming SMS messages to email with Node.js, SendGrid and Twilio Functions

If you want to read incoming SMS messages sent to your Twilio number in your email then do I have a neat solution for you today. We’re going to use Twilio Functions and SendGrid to forward SMS messages directly to your email address. Things you’ll need A Twilio account and a phone number that can receive SMS messages A SendGrid account Let’s get building The entire operation of forwarding… Read More

Writing a Node.js module in TypeScript

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One of the best things about Node.js is its massive module ecosystem. With bundlers like webpack we can leverage these even in the browser outside of Node.js. Let’s look at how we can build a module with TypeScript usable by both JavaScript developers and TypeScript developers. Before we get started make sure that you have Node.js installed – you should ideally have a version of 6.11 or higher…. Read More

Supercharge Your Amazon Connect Flows Using AWS Lambda, Node.js and Twilio

In this post we’re going to show you how to supercharge your Amazon Connect contact flows using AWS Lambda, Node.js and Twilio. We’ll build a contact flow to detect if a customer is calling from a mobile phone and, when they are, send their order details to them via SMS at the completion of the call. Let’s get started. Assembling Your Tools There are a few things you’ll… Read More

Google Spreadsheets and JavaScript/Node.js

Sometimes a database might be more than what you need. Using a Google Spreadsheet can be quicker and easier if you’re building a prototype or a simple internal application. Let’s use Theo Ephraim‘s google-spreadsheet node module to read, write and delete data from a Google Spreadsheet with just a few lines of code. You’ll need to have Node.js and npm installed. Google Drive API and Service Accounts You’re going… Read More

Phone Number Verification without Regular Expression

Having invalid data in your database can be a nightmare. Especially if you are intending to use the data to do things like sending important SMS to your users. A typical solution is to use /Regular Expressions/gi to make sure the value at least looks like a phone number, but that still doesn’t prevent someone from entering a fake number and supporting international numbers makes it even… Read More

Send messages when you’re back online with Service Workers and Background Sync

When you send an SMS message but your phone doesn’t have great signal it will continue to try to send the message in the background, even if you close the app. Pretty useful right? In this post we’re going to see how to replicate this behaviour in a web application using the Background Sync API from the Service Worker. What we need To demonstrate the Background Sync… Read More