Building the IT Crowd answering machine using Twilio Functions

Picture of Roy from IT Crowd answering the phone

One of my favorite things from IT Crowd is their “Hello IT” machine. It’s the perfect solution for lazy people who are tired of answering the same IT support questions again and again. With Twilio Functions and the new Speech Recognition we can build our own version of this machine with just a few lines of code. If you are not familiar with the answering machine from IT… Read More

Building Your Dog A 💩 Button with a Raspberry Pi, Node.js and Twilio

File this under: better to have than not. Trevor Miller built a button that his dog, Oli, presses when he has to 💩. Trevor hasn’t revealed Oli’s training regimen which led him to being such a good boy. But, Trevor will gladly show you how to build a IoT powered button using Twilio and Raspberry Pi in Node. Here’s the code that does a lion’s share… Read More

Sending 10,000 calls to Congress with Node.js and Twilio

Capitol Hill in Washington, D.C.

Over the past year, major changes in American politics have left a lot of people feeling like they should be doing more to get involved. Political advocacy can take a lot of forms.  It can be passive or active, partisan or nonpartisan, personal or large-scale.  As engineers, we are uniquely empowered to apply our skills to important causes.  This post describes how I built a simple,… Read More

Making Super Mario Bros Even More Difficult…For Science

Mess up someone’s Super Mario Bros’ run in person at SIGNAL. Andrew will be there showing you how to build a Haunted NES. Super Mario Bros could make you throw your controller across the room, only to frantically check it was still operational so you could go back to playing that level you love/hate. Andrew Reitano wants to make those beloved NES games a little harder… Read More

Playing a Twitter adventure game using SMS and Twilio on Glitch

A few years ago, Terence Eden created @wnd_go, a “choose your own adventure” style game using a series of Twitter accounts which link to one another. I thought it’d be fun to show you how to build an application which makes this more accessible by replicating the gameplay via SMS. For this we’ll be using Node.js and an online editor called Glitch. Greg has previously written a post on… Read More