Nomorobo Blocks 15.1 Million Calls In One Year with Twilio


There are thousands of invisible evil robots making millions of illegal calls to consumers every year. The FTC knows this, telecom lobbyists know this, and Aaron Foss knows the solution – Nomorobo, his Twilio-powered robocall blocking service. Last year alone it blocked 15.1 million calls. [Read our previous stories on Nomorobo winning the FTC Challenge, and stopping robocalls here.] So how do you make a case… Read More

The War On Robocalling: How Aaron Foss Fought Robocalls and Won


Right after Aaron Foss launched his anti-robocalling service, Nomorobo, all hell broke loose — in the best way he could imagine. The launch was a slow build, starting in February and exploding in September. “It just snowballed,” Aaron says. Nomorobo started as a simple hack Aaron submitted to the FTC’s anti-robocalling challenge in April. After winning the challenge, he was interviewed on countless networks and even… Read More

Twilio-Powered Nomorobo Wins FTC Robocall Challenge

In October, the FTC declared war against illegal, unsolicited robocalling, and asked developers to join them in the fight. The FTC offered $50,000 and an FTC Technology Achievement Award to the developer who could build the best tool to deter robocalling. Today, the FTC announced Aaron Foss’ Nomorobo as one of the two winners. Powered by Twilio’s queuing and conditional call forwarding, Nomorobo acts as a middleman,… Read More