“It’s a Boy!” How to Send Mass Texts in Ruby


We’re having a baby! Sometime in the next four weeks, my wife is going to go into labor. We’ll wait at home for as long as possible, then hop in the car and head to the hospital. At that point begins one of my comparatively few responsibilities for Team Baugues over the next couple days: updating close friends and family of what’s going on. Of course,… Read More

MOM Integrates SMS Text Messaging With EMRs To Boost Compliance

Across the United States, it can be hard to find a common fixture in the physician’s office. With regulations and requirements differing from city to city and from state to state, equipment, specialties and services can radically vary from any given practice to another. But hidden in a room next to the janitor’s closet or tucked away under the admin’s desk is a hunk of plastic… Read More

How To Create SMS Payment Notifications for FreshBooks Using Twilio

Ah, there’s nothing like the feeling of getting paid. Using the Twilio SMS API and the FreshBooks API, we can easily create a web app that let’s you experience that feeling no matter where you are. In this tutorial, we’re going to create a web app that sends you a text message everytime a payment is posted to one of your FreshBooks invoices. To get started,… Read More

Announcing TWO Winners for Last Week's Amazon Web Services + Twilio Contest

Winner #1: Email Center Pro Voice Alerts by Evan Coonrod Voice Alerts is a new feature in Email Center Pro that gives you a phone call when new email matching certain criteria arrives in your Email Center Pro account. It reads a list of matching conversations, and allows you to select a conversation to have it read to you. This is great for people who use… Read More