Twilio Open Source Rapid Response Kit Adds Heroku Button and New Volunteer Tool logo

Earlier this year, we released the Rapid Response Kit (RRK), a set of open source tools built for disaster relief efforts. The RRK lets first responders deploy much needed communication apps in minutes. The community response was incredible with developers offering their contributions to the project. Most recently the RRK was deployed by the Rhode Island Code for America fellows for the Providence Student Union to… Read More

Open Source Tools for Nonprofits: Github Launches with Rapid Response Kit

In disaster recovery situations communications technologies are essential for rescue teams in the field, people in need of help, or connecting with family members to make sure they are ok. Many times these tools are built on the spot based on needs and sometimes the final apps aren’t deployed in time for the people that really need them. What if there were simple tools that any… Read More

Twilio Open Sources Stashboard, the Status Dashboard

Some of you may have noticed Twilio’s shiny new API Status page at  We’re excited to announce that Twilio finally has a modern status page and not only that, we open source it!  Yup, you too can download the code and host your own SaaS or API status page. Learn more at Introducing Stashboard Stashboard is a status dashboard for APIs and software services. It’s… Read More

Twilio Starter Kit for the Zend Framework by Michael Kimsal

Thank you to Michael Kimsal, who created a starter kit for developers using Twilio with the Zend Framework for PHP.  As he announced on the Twilio Developers Network on LinkedIn: I was putting together some sample code for an upcoming presentation, and decided building it on top of zfkit made it possibly a bit more understandable to people looking to integrate twilio with a framework like… Read More

.NET Twilio Server Library by Tony Gravagno

 We’re fortunate at Twilio to have an amazing community of developers that openly share their work for the rest of the community to benefit from. One such developer is Tony Gravagno, President of Nebula Research and Development. Tony does a lot of work with .NET and wanted to simplify working with the Twilio APIs. Existing open source options were incomplete so Tony started work on Twilio… Read More

OpenVBX virtual phone system is Launched – Now Hack It, Skin It, Sell It

Yesterday, amidst a whole lot of media fanfare, we launched OpenVBX to the world.  OpenVBX is an open source virtual phone system for business and it launches with a full set of APIs for controlling the UI, calls, and a plugin architecture for sharing functionality build on top of OpenVBX.  OpenVBX relies on the Twilio voice and SMS APIs to power telecommunications, and beyond that it… Read More

Introducing Trails (Twilio-on-Rails) by Hemant Bhanoo

With Trails, Hemant Bhanoo is making it even easier to develop Twilio applications in Rails with this library for using Twilio with the Rails framework. Trails is build on top of the Twilio Ruby Library, and has functional test helpers so that you can simulate Twilio calling you app.  When Twilio calls your application, the application recognizes whether it is Twilio calling or a web request. … Read More

Open Source Contributions: Perl Helper Library for Twilio by Scott Wiersdorf

Hey everybody, I’m Scott Wiersdorf and I like Twilio so much, I just finished writing a Twilio helper library in Perl. You can make Twilio API calls in two lines of code and it’s small and clean (and the 3 dependencies are nearly always installed everywhere). I’d appreciate any feedback on either the code or the documentation to make it clearer: Join the conversation about Scott’s Perl Helper Library… Read More

Robert McLaws Wins a Netbook with his Twilio WCF REST Client Library for .NET 3.5

It Netbook Monday once again, and this week’s winner for the .NET developer category is Robert McLaws with his .NET library! Robert also submitted in Week 5 for the open source category, and we are happy to see his submission a second time and award him a Netbook for his contribution to the Twilio developer community. As Robert explains: The Twilio WCF REST Client Library is… Read More