John Britton Presenting OpenVBX virtual phone system at New York Tech Meetup

OpenVBXTonight at New York Tech Meetup John Britton will demo OpenVBX, our open source virtual phone system, to an audience of roughly 800.  Some might remember John gave a live coding demo of the Twilio API back in August. Tonight’s presentation will have a different twist, focusing on how setting up a simple virtual phone system is accessible to anyone who can download OpenVBX and install… Read More

Effortlessly try OpenVBX virtual phone system with Standing Cloud

We’re happy to announce a brand new way to try out OpenVBX, a virtual phone system for businesses quickly, and best of all, for free. Standing Cloud offers a service to easily install and try out popular open source applications in the cloud. Starting today, OpenVBX is now included in their application directory, allowing you to evaluate OpenVBX via a free 30-minute trial installation. Standing Cloud has developed… Read More

Congratulations to Jonathan Kressaty and Chad Smith, OpenVBX Contest Winners!

Over the past few weeks we’ve run a couple contests focusing on OpenVBX, our new open-source platform for building voice applications. We picked the winner for the first contest and left it up to you, the OpenVBX and Twilio community, to select the second winner. But enough chit chat, let’s get to the winners! OpenVBX Plugin Contest Winner Jonathan Kressaty – Applet Scheduling Plugin Mr. Kressaty’s… Read More

Vote for your favorite OpenVBX Community Contribution

The nominations are in! It’s time to vote for your favorite OpenVBX Community Contribution. The entry with the most votes will win a netbook and $100 in Twilio credit. Voting ends Sunday, July 11th at 11:59pm PST. And the nominees are… Poll Plugin by Chad Smith Notifo Plugin by Andrew Watson Directory Plugin by Tim Lytle Applet Scheduling Plugin by Jonathan Kressaty Click to Flow Plugin… Read More

OpenVBX Community Choice Contest

In the spirit of the community OpenVBX has spawned, Twilio is leaving it up to you to decide who should win the this week’s contest. The winner of the Community Choice contest will receive a netbook and $100 in Twilio credit. From now until Sunday July 4th at 11:59PM PST we’ll be taking nominations for the best contribution to the OpenVBX community. This can be any contribution:… Read More

Event Recap: Greater SF LAMP Meetup

On Tuesday night, Adam and I took a trip to Sunnyvale. He was invited to talk about the Twilio API and our recent launch of OpenVBX, the web-based open source phone system for business. The Greater SF LAMP Meetup takes place regularly and covers a wide range of topics related to Linux, Apache, MySQL, and PHP. The talk focused on how open source has driven innovation… Read More

Build an OpenVBX plugin for a chance to win a netbook and $100 in Twilio credit

Since launching OpenVBX last week we’ve seen an incredible amount of enthusiasm from both new and existing Twilio developers. Developers are taking advantage of the powerful plugin API to build real value for businesses using OpenVBX. To inspire you to build your own plugin, this week’s Twilio developer contest is for the best OpenVBX plugin. You can win a netbook and $100 in Twilio credit if… Read More

OpenVBX virtual phone system is Launched – Now Hack It, Skin It, Sell It

Yesterday, amidst a whole lot of media fanfare, we launched OpenVBX to the world.  OpenVBX is an open source virtual phone system for business and it launches with a full set of APIs for controlling the UI, calls, and a plugin architecture for sharing functionality build on top of OpenVBX.  OpenVBX relies on the Twilio voice and SMS APIs to power telecommunications, and beyond that it… Read More

Developer Contest: OpenVBX Plugins

Twilio has launched a brand new open source web-based phone system for businesses called OpenVBX. You can read more about the launch on our OpenVBX blog or on TechCrunch. One of the most important features of OpenVBX is how customizable it is including full theming support and a plugin API. For this week's netbook contest, we're challenging you to build the best OpenVBX plugin. Thanks to… Read More