PennApps Recap: EyePhone, Inventory, and Making Your Coffee Maker Text You

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PennApps is the largest student hackathon in the world. Students from all over the country came to Philadelphia to forego sleep in order to build innovative apps and hardware hacks. Developer Evangelist, Jon Gottfried, was on scene live coding Twilio demos and helping out participants. There were too many great hacks to name. Here are a few highlights including the PennApps winners, and the app the… Read More

Undergrad Doers Take Aim At SOPA and PIPA at PennApps

PennApps, the bi-annual tradition for engineering’s best and brightest students across the Eastern Seaboard, came to a close Sunday afternoon with top tier weekend hacks. Packed tight in the University of Pennsylvania Towne Building, bleary-eyed students gathered from top universities including Rutgers, Carnegie Mellon, Brown, and NYU. They were anxious to show off the results of a 48-hour effort fueled by pizza, Powerade and a passion for… Read More

College Students Change The Hackathon Game At PennApps

Autumn was signaling its arrival in Philadelphia two weeks ago with an Eastern cold snap, the turning of the leaves and the sound of hustling students returning to their studies after a care-free summer.  The University of Pennsylvania was postively abuzz with eager young minds welcoming one another back with highfives and sorting through fistfuls of syllabi, the fear of an impending midterm or paper deadline… Read More

Twilio on the Road in January – PennApps and Philly Startup Weekend

I made two trips to Philadelphia in January. The first was for PennApps and a I took the Amtrak from NYC a second time for Philly Startup Weekend. I’ll be back again in April for Philly Tech Week and I’m really looking forward to it. PennApps Mobile Hackathon I’ve been to a lot of hackathons, and I was really impressed by the Dining Philosophers of UPenn… Read More

College Hackers Gather in Philadelphia for PennApps Mobile

PennApps 2011 is just around the corner. The annual weekend-long hackathon is happening at University of Pennsylvania  Jan 14-16. It’s free to participate, registration is open to all university students free of charge. Join us in Philadephia Twilio is a proud sponsor of PennApps 2011. I’m excited to be making the trip down from New York City to demo the Twilio API and help all the participating teams build awesome applications…. Read More