Eric Blue’s Home Automation Hacks with Belkin, Twilio and Siri


Eric Blue started experimenting with home automation almost on accident. He just wanted to automate inconvenient aspects of apartment life. When Eric’s friends came to visit him and pressed his apartment buzzer, he would get a call. But, if when he was watching a movie or playing a video game he’d often miss the call. So, Eric used Twilio to forward calls from his apartment buzzer… Read More

Open Source Contributions: Perl Helper Library for Twilio by Scott Wiersdorf

Hey everybody, I’m Scott Wiersdorf and I like Twilio so much, I just finished writing a Twilio helper library in Perl. You can make Twilio API calls in two lines of code and it’s small and clean (and the 3 dependencies are nearly always installed everywhere). I’d appreciate any feedback on either the code or the documentation to make it clearer: Join the conversation about Scott’s Perl Helper Library… Read More