Partyline Transforms Phone Calls into Sound Collages for Art Hack

Partyline, a new experiment which rooted from and the winner of  Art Hack Weekend SF, combines ambient noises and involuntary participation, transforms phones into sound collages. Consisting of two parts–Voyeur, which dials participants and records their inputs and a Sequencer, which is a responsive view into voices going on at the time. Casey Rodarmor is self-described as just a guy, you know? Casey teamed up with Brandon… Read More

ContestFM Uses Twilio To Help Radio Stations Run Better Call-In Contests

You know the deal, you’re in your car listening to the radio station and you hear that they’re giving away sold out concert tickets to the 100th caller. You start dialing only to hear the frustrating busy signal. The lines are overloaded and so are the folks staffing the phone at the radio station. The AppSmithy team decided to use Twilio to change all that. By… Read More

Startup Weekend Contest Winner: InstantLoop

Through November and December of 2009, we challenged developers in 10 cities worldwide to include Twilio’s API in their projects for the chance to win Netbooks for their entire team.  We’re excited to announce Voicify, which was recently rebranded as Instant Loop for their beta launch this week, as the winner of our the Twilio Startup Weekend Challenge. Congratulations to the Instant Loop team members: Michael… Read More

Phone In Your Facebook Status with Call My Wall

Yesterday we announced Dennis Palmer’s Cloud Call Me Facebook application, which enables Facebook friends to call each other with the click of a button, as the winner of the Twilio + Windows Azure contest category of our Netbook Mondays developer contest.  In keeping with the Facebook app theme, I’m excited to share another one with you today. Introducing CallMyWall, by John O’Brien What does CallMyWall do?… Read More

Using Conditional Call Forwarding and Twilio

Conditional call forwarding is a little discussed feature available on practically all major cell phone carriers.   The idea is simple: by entering a brief code, you can instruct your cellphone to forward calls missed calls to an alternate phone number, rather than dumping the caller into your providers voicemail system.  You can forward all calls, all missed calls, or just specific types of missed calls this… Read More