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  • By Sébastien Paltrié
    Le Guide Galactique de vos SMS - Part 3 le-guide-galactique-part-3.png

    Nous voilà dans la troisième et dernière partie de notre guide galactique ! Nous avons vu ensemble dans la première partie les fondamentaux des SMS puis comment utiliser les messaging services de Twilio pour implémenter vos campagnes de SMS.

    Cette troisième partie est un tutoriel pour vous accompagner, pas à pas, dans l’acquisition de numéros de téléphone avec Twilio.

    Acquérir des numéros de téléphones avec Twilio

    Twilio vous permet d’acheter des numéros de téléphone (long code, short code, toll free) dans plus de 100 pays.

    De la même manière que les SMS, la réglementation sur les numéros de téléphones varie d’un pays à l’autre. Pour connaître les subtilités de chaque pays, Twilio met à disposition une page décrivant ces règles par pays : les phone number guidelines.

    Pour chaque pays, il est indiqué les types de ressources que Twilio peut provisionner :

    • Numéros locaux : pour la France il …
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  • By Will McKenzie
    Reducing Admin Time & Expediting Phone Number Compliance Phone Number Compliance Blog Header

    The landscape of phone number compliance and regulations around the world can be a headache and historically it’s been hard to manage all the changes and requirements for your numbers. Keeping your inventory of phone numbers compliant with these evolving regulations can be a full time job.

    Starting now, Twilio is giving everyone the power to seamlessly manage their phone number Compliance and Regulations through an updated process within the Twilio Console and Phone Numbers API. Whether you manage thousands of phone numbers for a group of customers or a small group of numbers used by your internal teams, managing your compliance information will no longer be a full time job. With this new release, you will receive notifications about changes and gain access to new tools to get your pool of senders into compliance when regulations change.

    Understanding New Regulations

    • Users will be notified about incoming regulations and whether …
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  • By Nathalia Velez Ryan
    How to Send SMS Online sms online

    Take a quick glance at your text message inbox, and you’ll get an idea of how useful Short Message Service (SMS) is for businesses. You probably have appointment reminders, delivery notifications, two-factor authentication (2FA), or marketing messages. These are just some of the ways businesses send SMS online.

    Among the many advantages, text messages have a high open rate, are cost-effective, and are permission-based, which makes them an effective way to engage your customers.

    If you’re ready to start reaping the benefits of this tool, you may be wondering how exactly to send SMS to your customers. The answer isn’t to pick up your phone and start texting them directly, but rather to use an SMS service. These services enable you to send one-way communications and even engage in multiparty conversations.

    This post will walk you through how to send and receive SMS messages online.

    Choose your SMS …

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  • By Yong Hui Yow
    Milestones For Onboarding your SMS Project to Twilio Article header

    Whether you are a small or medium-sized business, a large enterprise, or an ISV, Twilio is able to support your SMS needs. Navigating the setup, requirements, and compliance can seem daunting at first so the Twilio Customer Onboarding team is here to help you through the process.

    In this guide, we will share the milestones that we track while supporting a customer to build and deploy a messaging product. By the end of this article, you’ll have a checklist of actions that will help you launch your messaging project successfully.

    Defining the success of a launch

    Your use case and business goals will be key drivers in what success looks like and therefore each project will be unique. Overall, we define success to mean that you can:

    • Send at your desired volume.
    • Reach your target audience.
    • Achieve optimal throughput with minimal filtering.
    • Use our messaging product and its features …
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  • By Matthew Setter
    Build a Phone Number Validator with Laravel Build a Phone Number Validator with Laravel

    Data validation is essential to any application, regardless of its size and purpose. Without it, you risk using data that's forged by malicious actors, contains only junk—or is a combination of both. And it doesn't matter where the data comes from either; whether from a web form, retrieved from a database, or read from an environment setting.

    Gladly, validation is extremely common in modern software development, so much so that there are numerous third-party packages available on Packagist, and PHP's major frameworks all have a validation component. With them, you can validate email addresses, passwords, dates, IP addresses, numbers and so much more!

    However, what happens when the package or framework doesn't support your use case, such as validating a phone number? In that case, you roll your own!

    In this tutorial, we're going to build a custom Laravel validation rule object that validates a phone number from any country …

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  • By Maciej Treder
    How to Register a Twilio Phone Number and Send an SMS Using the Twilio CLI phonenumbercli.png

    There are over 4.5 billion text-enabled devices. This creates a huge opportunity to notify people about upcoming appointments, special events, breaking news, or commercial promotions via SMS. Sending SMS messages programmatically enables reaching many people almost simultaneously. With Twilio Programmable SMS, you can register your own virtual phone number and send SMS messages across the world.

    This tutorial will show you how to set up Twilio CLI, register a phone number and send an SMS using .the new number

    Important compliance note: There are rules for using SMS messaging and they vary between countries. Familiarize yourself with the countries’ rules in which you’ll be sending messages with the Twilio Regulatory Guidelines for SMS.


    To complete the project described in this tutorial you will need the following tools and resources:

    • Twilio account – Sign up for free using this link and receive an additional $10 account credit when you …
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  • By Jonas Lerebours
    Configurer un SoftPhone avec Twilio en 5 étapes Twilio Softphone

    Il existe de nombreux SoftPhones, par exemple Zoiper, LinPhone, X-Lite ou MicroSIP que vous pouvez installer sur votre ordinateur pour pouvoir ensuite appeler et recevoir des appels directement depuis votre ordinateur. Il ne vous manque qu’un opérateur téléphonique auquel vous pourriez vous connecter en SIP. C'est notamment ce que propose la plateforme Twilio : connecter ces SoftPhones pour recevoir les appels depuis votre numéro de téléphone, mettre en place un SVI intelligent, émettre des appels partout dans le monde... en un mot: designer l’interface téléphonique qui répond à tous vos besoins.

    Dans cet exemple nous allons commencer par le plus simple : chaque utilisateur est lié à un numéro de téléphone.

    Informations demandées par les SoftPhones (ou téléphones SIP)

    La configuration des softphones demande principalement deux informations :

    • Un domaine SIP, sur lequel votre SoftPhone va s’enregistrer. C’est un peu l’équivalent de votre fournisseur …
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  • By Kelley Robinson
    How to sanitize phone numbers before sending mass alerts Sanitize phone numbers header image

    If you're planning on sending mass text notifications you'll want to make sure that the numbers you're sending to are valid. This post will quickly show how to use the Twilio Lookup API to sanitize your data, checking that:

    • Phone numbers are real
    • Phone numbers are formatted correctly
    • Phone numbers are mobile

    Validating and sanitizing phone numbers will mean fewer API errors for sending to non-existent, incorrectly formatted, or landline numbers, giving you greater confidence in your system. is offering a $500 kickstart credit and additional product discounts for apps that offer public benefits during the COVID-19 crisis. Learn more:

    Prerequisites for sanitizing phone numbers

    The Lookup API does not support bulk requests. If you anticipate a high volume of requests, please contact …

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  • By Andrea Palisca
    New Asian Phone Numbers: Vietnam, Kazakhstan, Tajikistan, Kuwait, Mauritius asia_phone_numbers

    Getting local phone numbers is important for businesses who want to expand into new geographies. That’s why we offer virtual phone numbers in over 89 countries and counting, and today, we just launched new voice numbers in five Asian countries:

    • Vietnam (local)
    • Kazakhstan (local)
    • Tajikistan (local)
    • Kuwait (national)
    • Mauritius (mobile)

    These numbers are in developer preview. To request access, fill out this form and we’ll get back to you on availability as stock is limited.

    Pricing and capability restrictions of developer preview numbers can be found here. These numbers have gone through a rigorous performance and reliability testing process. We’re offering them by request so we can veri …

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