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New CakePHP Twilio Datasource from Aaron Reisman

Aaron Reisman is a Media Specialist and Founder of Life is Content. While working on some Twilio projects Aaron developed a new CakePHP Datasource for…Full Article

Extending Click-to-Call to Simultaneously Call Multiple Numbers

Did you know Twilio has an exhaustive list of HowTos and Example Code? Whether you’re new to Twilio, or just looking to get a jump…Full Article

Preventing Spam & Fraud with SMS Phone Verification

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Simple Phone Verification with Twilio, PHP, MySQL and jQuery

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How To: Send an SMS Text Message via the Twilio REST API with PHP

I’ve put together a short video showing how easy it is to send a text message via the Twilio REST API with PHP. This example…Full Article

John Tegen Brings OnSite Clarity in Adobe Flex and PHP [Netbook Winner Week #12]

Congratulations to John Tegen, winner of Week #12 of the Twilio developer contest with his sales management application, OnSite Clarity. OnSite Clarity is a new…Full Article

Rock Twilio with PHP This Week – Win a Netbook!

We’re into week #12 of our Netbook contest, and this time around we’re looking for PHP developers to submit their Twilio apps for a chance…Full Article

Call the Milk Wins Netbook Week #4 – This Week: Open Source It!

Do you find yourself thinking of things to add to your to-do list at the most inconvenient times and places?  Do you wish you could…Full Article

Michael Kimsal Presents Twilio at TriPUG

What could be finer than waking up to see a user-created video about Twilio?  Yep you guessed right, pretty much nothing could top it –…Full Article