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  • By Phil Nash
    Twilio CLIのAssetsプラグインをリリースしました Assetsプラグインを発表 - Twilio CLIを使ってアセットをアップロード・管理

    この記事はTwilio Developer AdvocateのPhil Nashこちらで公開した記事(英語)を日本語化したものです。

    Twilio CLIは、Twilioの開発者にとって便利なツールです。 コマンドラインから手軽にTwilioのすべてのAPIにアクセスできるだけでなく、電話番号管理や、ローカル環境でWebhook URLにワンステップでアクセスできるコマンド、プラグインシステムなど数多くの機能を提供します。CLIプラグインはCLIのコア機能を拡張し、Flexプラグインの構築と管理アクセストークンの生成Twilio Functionsを使った構築、そして今回のAssetsプラグインによるTwilio Assetsサービスへのアセットのアップロードなどを可能にしてくれます。



    Assetsプラグインでは、画像や音声ファイルなどのアセットの保管先として使用できるAssetsサービスを作成し、アセットのアップロードや管理が行えます。作成したAssetsサービスはTwilioのアプリケーションで使用できます。たとえば、音声ファイルをアップロードして、Twilio Voiceを利用した音声通話中に<Play>動詞で再生するファイルとして使用したり、MMSでユーザーに送信する画像WhatsAppメディアメッセージをアップロードしたりすることができます。


    Asse …

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  • By Phil Nash
    Announcing the Assets Plugin for the Twilio CLI Announcing the Assets Plugin - Upload and manage assets using the Twilio CLI

    The Twilio CLI is a powerful tool for Twilio developers. Not only does it give you access to all the Twilio APIs from the comfort of your command line, there are advanced features like phone number management, magic webhook tunnels, and the plugin system. CLI plugins extend the functionality of the CLI core and allow you to do things like build and manage Flex plugins, generate access tokens, build with Twilio Functions, and now upload assets to a Twilio Assets service with the Assets Plugin.

    In this post I'm going to show you how to use the Assets Plugin and then go into a bit of detail about why we built it.

    What is the Assets Plugin?

    The Assets Plugin allows you to create an Assets service that you can use as a bucket as a destination for assets, like images or audio files, …

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  • By Onwuka Gideon
    Build a Custom WordPress Plugin to Send SMS with Twilio Programmable Messaging Build a Custom WordPress Plugin to Send SMS with Twilio Programmable Messaging

    The tension of blogging really begins after publishing. Who read it? How do they feel? There are numerous questions that flood the mind of any author, but more importantly, most authors just want their content read.

    Sending bulk SMS is a great tool to have in your toolbelt to encourage traffic to your WordPress blog. Imagine being able to send an SMS to every subscriber to your blog.

    Let’s build a WordPress plugin in PHP using Twilio Programmable SMS and send text messages to readers about topics they care about.

    Prepare WordPress for the Plugin

    Plugins let you extend and add functionality to your WordPress site. Since we are adding an entirely new function to WordPress, we have to use a plugin to achieve this.

    If you haven’t already installed WordPress, you can download and install a copy by following the installation instructions here. I have my WordPress installation …

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  • By John Sheehan
    Congratulations to Jonathan Kressaty and Chad Smith, OpenVBX Contest Winners! Twilio Bug Logo

    OpenVBXOver the past few weeks we’ve run a couple contests focusing on OpenVBX, our new open-source platform for building
    voice applications. We picked the winner for the first contest and left it up to you, the OpenVBX and Twilio community, to select
    the second winner. But enough chit chat, let’s get to the winners!

    OpenVBX Plugin Contest Winner
    Jonathan Kressaty – Applet Scheduling Plugin

    Kressaty Mr. Kressaty’s Applet Scheduling Plugin is a simple concept, executed flawlessly. The plugin allows you to control your flows
    based on the current date and time. It’s an extremely common use case with countless practical applications. I was in the room
    the first time Jonathan showed off a prototype of this …

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  • By John Sheehan
    Build an OpenVBX plugin for a chance to win a netbook and $100 in Twilio credit Twilio Bug Logo

    OpenvbxlogoSince launching OpenVBX last week we’ve seen an incredible amount of enthusiasm from both new and existing Twilio developers. Developers are taking advantage of the powerful plugin API to build real value for businesses using OpenVBX.

    To inspire you to build your own plugin, this week’s Twilio developer contest is for the best OpenVBX plugin. You can win a netbook and $100 in Twilio credit if your plugin is selected as the winner. The contest ends this Sunday June 27th at 11:59PM PST. You can read more details over at the contest page.

    If you’re not sure where to get started building your plugin, check out the Plugin API Documentation or browse the plugin directory for inspiration. What …

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  • By Twilio
    Developer Contest: OpenVBX Plugins Twilio Bug Logo

    OpenvbxlogoTwilio has launched a brand new open source web-based phone system for businesses called OpenVBX. You can read more about the launch on our OpenVBX blog or on TechCrunch.

    One of the most important features of OpenVBX is how customizable it is including full theming support and a plugin API. For this week's netbook contest, we're challenging you to build the best OpenVBX plugin.

    Thanks to our fantastic developer community we have some examples of the types of plugins you can build. Jonathan Kressaty has examples on GitHub and Andrew Watson has built a couple as well.

    Now it's up to you. Enter your best OpenVBX plugin and you could win a Netbook and $100 in developer credit from Twilio. B …

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  • By John Sheehan
    twilio_mime makes returning TwiML in Rails even easier Twilio Bug Logo

    MimeDale Cook is a Ruby programmer that was looking for an easier way to send back TwiML is his Rails applications.
    Like any good programmer seeking a better way to do things, Dale built a Rails plugin to take advantage of the framework’s ‘respond_to’ feature.
    Using twilio_mime you can respond to Twilio requests using TwiML in the same way you’d handle other mime types.

    An example of how this works is available in the project’s readme file on GitHub.
    We start with the ‘show’ action of our sample ‘Posts’ controller:

    def show
    @posts = Post.find :all
    respond_to do |format|
    format.xml { render :xml => @posts.to_xml }

    Then, create a view to genera …

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