Mobile Commons Connects Citizens to Senators with Twilio

Mobile Commons is giving citizens the communication tools they need to spark political action. They’re powering the communication technology behind Mayors Against Illegal Guns’ (MAIG) campaign to pass more comprehensive gun laws. Mobile Commons and MAIG’s joint effort called, Demand Action, allows citizens to contact their local senator’s office directly via Twilio. When you call Demand Action’s Twilio number, you’ll be prompted with talking points for… Read More

Get Out and Vote: Apps Helping You Get to the Polls

Tomorrow is our election day, time to get out and vote! SMS, Voice and new avenues of communication are changing the way we share information and mobilizing people to partake in one of our greatest rights in the US. Here are some Twilio-powered apps that are doing just that – have you built an app for the election? What other apps are you using around this year’s… Read More

Precision Polling Offers Fast, Accessible Polls with Twilio’s API

Shortly after the 2008 presidential election, Gaurav Oberoi, a technologist and successful entrepreneur, agreed to do some research for a friend who was launching a new political consulting firm and wanted to conduct low-cost automated polls. To his surprise, Oberoi discovered the options were limited. The services that existed required expensive setup fees and had limited functionality. “All of the software was about a decade old,”… Read More

Sunlight Foundation Launches Two Twilio-Powered Apps to Help Prepare You for Election Season

Election season is upon us! As we inch ever closer to the voting booth this November we’ve already begun to see a large number of civic-focused apps, to help inform, educate and empower citizens. Just a couple of days ago, at the Personal Democracy Forum in NYC, members of the Sunlight Foundation took the stage to announce two new, very exciting, Twilio powered apps to the public… Read More

TurboVote Aims to Make Voting Easy for Everyone

Voter turnout is always a challenge for the United States. Typical turnout is 50% for presidential elections, 40% for mid-term elections and only 10% in local, special and primary elections. One state, Oregon, changed its voting system to increase participation by switching to a vote-by-mail for every election. This way residents aren’t limited by a certain day, time or location to let their vote be heard. Many… Read More

Click to Call Your Senator to Fight Internet Censorship

We recently wrote about Tumblr and MobileCommons teaming up to alert the public to the significant dangers to a free and democratic internet posed by the SOPA and Protect IP laws. These laws are currently under consideration in Congress, so timing is essential in reaching supporters. Using a click to call app powered by Twilio, Tumblr’s users placed over 87,000 calls and spent nearly 1,300 hours talking… Read More

Tumblr and Mobile Commons Use Twilio Click to Call to Fight SOPA and ProtectIP

This week, Tumblr’s team came up with an ingenious way to use click to call to alert the public to the significant dangers to a free and democratic internet posed by the SOPA and ProtectIP laws currently under consideration in Congress: For one day, Tumblr “censored” users’ Dashboards, displaying broad, grey lines across user-generated content. The campaign worked: Users rallied and Tumblr deftly channeled that energy… Read More