Announcing Lower SIP Trunking Prices & New Pricing Zones


Last November we announced the unbundling of our PSTN connectivity as a service.  Elastic SIP Trunking provides instant global voice provisioning for your IP infrastructure (e.g. IP-PBX, SBC, UC hardware, VoIP gateway, etc). Twilio uses the power of the cloud to offer resilience, intelligent local call routing, sms-enabled trunks, cloud-based call recording, multi-tenancy, and full WebRTC support. Since November, we have seen companies using this connectivity to… Read More

New Volume Pricing for Volume SMS

 It’s an ongoing effort here to drive down prices for developers, such as previous price decreases with Twilio Voice, Twilio phone numbers and Twilio SMS. Today we’re introducing even more value with volume sms pricing for US and Canadian users. We understand how important competitive pricing is for you and your business as you grow, and we’re committed to adding value to your experience. What Does Volume Pricing Mean As… Read More

Twilio SMS Price Reduced – Now $0.02 per Message

We’re excited to announce that we have reduced Twilio SMS pricing from $0.03 per message in or out by 33%, to $0.02 per message.  This price reduction is immediate, and applies to all existing and future Twilio customers.  You don’t need to do anything, the change is automatically reflected in your SMS logs and account balance. This price reduction follows previous pricing breaks on phone numbers… Read More