Birth Announcements for the Busy Father using Python, Flask and Twilio

Newborn baby

One day during my wife’s first pregnancy, it dawned on me that a lot of people would be interested to know when the baby was born. I began counting all the family members and friends who would want some notification about the baby’s arrival and realized I’d be making more phone calls than I would prefer. Sure, I could shove everyone into one big group text… Read More

Leaving A Message For A Rockstar with Python and Twilio

You know when you’re selling out stadiums and want to connect with your fans one-on-one but can’t exactly give out your personal phone number? Yeah, common problem — for Zac Brown & his band. Zac Brown Band has about 1.67 million Twitter followers. The ZBB squad wanted to reach out to every fan before dropping their new record (which came out today). Dialing up 1.67 million… Read More

How to Send SMS Text Messages with AWS Lambda and Python 3.6

Python, AWS logo and Lambda logo

Amazon Web Services (AWS) Lambda is a usage-based service that can run arbitrary Python 3.6 code in response to developer-defined events. For example, if a new JPEG file is uploaded to AWS S3 then AWS Lambda can execute Python code to respond to resize the image on S3. Let’s learn how to use AWS Lambda with a manual test event trigger to send outbound text messages via a Python Lambda… Read More

Texting robots on Mars using Python, Flask, NASA APIs and Twilio MMS

NASA has a bunch of awesome APIs which give you programmatic access to the wonders of space. I think the Mars Rover Photos API in particular is really amazing as you can use it to see what kind of pictures the Mars Curiosity rover has been taking. Let’s build an app using the Mars Rover API with Twilio MMS, Python and Flask to make it so that we… Read More

Developer Digest: Automating Wedding Stress Away in Python

Old things are new again, just new in a different way. That old NES you used to play Super Mario Bros on…? Well Andrew Reitano’s newly-hacked NES lets strangers turn any level into a water level with one text. This issue of the Developer Digest celebrates the developers making the old new and novel, from fax machines, to wedding invitations, to that trusty old password you… Read More

Next Generation Python Helper Library Release

Today, we are excited to announce the general availability of our next-generation Python helper library. The approach The Python library offers new functionality and takes advantage of modern Python language features. We’ve rebuilt it from the ground up based on the developer feedback we received from you. This release is the latest addition to the next-generation SDK family. We recently released new versions of PHP, Java,… Read More

Wedding at Scale: How I Used Twilio, Python and Google to Automate My Wedding

September 3, 2016 was just another day for most of the world but to me it will always be memorable as the day that I married my partner. There are many different aspects to consider while planning a wedding. Food, decor, table fixtures (oh yes these are separate from decor), flowers, accommodation, transportation, entertainment, and location. Whilst there are many unknowns when planning a wedding, I could… Read More

Building Python web apps with Flask

When getting started with web development in Python, Flask is a great choice due to its lightweight nature. There is already a solid “Hello World” style quickstart in the Flask docs, so let’s walk through building an application with more functionality. We are going to build a Flask app using the Twilio REST API that will receive SMS messages containing a song title and respond with a phone… Read More

Stripe SMS Notifications via Twilio, Heroku, and Python

I recently started a small business using the online platform Storenvy. Storenvy integrates with Stripe, a popular online payments platform. As a small business owner, receiving notifications as soon as orders come in is critical. Emails are easy to miss, forget about, or overlook, but one thing I never fail to read is a text message. What if it were possible to receive a text message… Read More