Build a Photobooth with an Arduino Yun, a Webcam and Dropbox


The Arduino Yun is an Arduino with built-in WiFi and Linux. With the Yun, not only can you do all the hardware hacking that you’d expect from an Arduino, but you can also connect it to the Internet and run programs in your favorite scripting language. In this tutorial, we’re going to build a proof-of-concept for an Arduino powered photo booth to serve as the foundation… Read More

Calculating Net Promoter Score with Python and SMS


On the Twilio Developer Evangelism team we’re constantly seeking quantitative feedback to improve how we work. In 2014, I began collecting feedback via SMS to calculate Net Promoter Score on my conference talks as one quantitative measure for how talks were received. For example, at the end of my DjangoCon 2014 talk you can see in the video how I asked the audience to text in… Read More

12 Hacks of Christmas – Day 5: The SMS Garage Door Butler


Deck the halls with Raspberry Pi’s, fa la la la la la LEDs! Today’s hack is another brilliant hardware hack that solves one of the more mundane and cumbersome interactions many car owners face everyday… the garage door. In this detailed tutorial instructables user AkiraFist explains how to harness Raspberry Pi, a webcam and Twilio to create a video-monitored garage door “butler”. AkiraFist even explains how… Read More

12 Hacks of Christmas – Day 1: The Texting Tree


Hello Twilio friends! In honor of that age-old tradition of giving gifts on the holidays we here at Twilio wanted to share with you some of our favorite hacks from the past year. We’re calling it the #12HacksOfChristmas. Please share with us your favorite hacks on Twitter, and happy hacking! Oh Christmas tree…that beautifully disguised fire-starter that slowly dries up until January 1st, when it finally… Read More

The Non-Coder’s Guide For Running the Rapid Response Kit logo

Twilio’s Rapid Response Kit (RRK) is a web application with a suite of tools that can be used for mass communication. For example, in the event of a natural disaster RRK can coordinate relief efforts and volunteer communications via functionality such as broadcasting SMS messages and providing automated call-in numbers for response information. RRK previously required knowledge of how to set up and deploy an application… Read More

Build an Office Phone Manager with Django, Heroku and Twilio

A common desire that I often hear from office managers is the need to replace their entire office phone stack with a collection of “work” phone numbers that they can program to call employee’s personal or work phones. This would remove their need to invest in at-desk phone hardware and get tied into long term contracts. They also want to be able to easily change what… Read More

Choose Your Own Adventure Presentations with Reveal.js, Python and WebSockets

Choose Your Own Adventures Presentations

You’re preparing a technical talk on your new favorite open source project to present to your local software meetup group. ————— How do you proceed? If you choose to create another passe linear slide deck, load up Microsoft PowerPoint. If you decide to build a childhood nostalgia-packed Choose Your Own Adventure presentation, continue reading this blog post. ————— Good choice! To create our Choose Your Own… Read More

Adding MMS Support To The Rapid Response Kit


Communication is a huge part of our lives and it is never more important than during times of need. When something bad happens or you need to make an important change in your life, communication is the medium with which you begin that process. We developed Rapid Response Kit to facilitate that communication during those times by providing a set of tools that could be downloaded… Read More

Monitor your Twilio applications with SMS alerts using the Twilio App Monitor, Python and webhooks.


When you are using Twilio to power communications in your business or your software applications, you want to know what is going on all the time, especially if things go wrong. There are plenty of tools in the Twilio cloud to help you dissect these errors and figure out what went wrong. One particularly useful tool is the Twilio App Monitor. The App Monitor will log… Read More