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QR Code posts

  • By Charlie Weems
    Create SMS QR Codes with Twilio SMS QR Code Blog Post (1).png
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    QR codes have been around for decades. In the 2010s they were the “next big thing” – until they weren’t. But QR codes have made a big comeback during COVID. Adoption has also been helped by built-in support on the iOS and Android camera apps. Gone are the days when you needed to install a QR code app.

    Most of us know QR codes as virtual tickets, or maybe the new way to get a link to a restaurant’s menu. But did you know that you can start an SMS conversation with a QR code? They’re a great way to seamlessly onboard customers into an SMS campaign, WhatsApp conversation, phone call, or email thread.

    If you’re coming to Twilio and want to know how QR codes can be used with communications, this post is for you! You’ll learn …

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  • By Matthew Setter
    How to Create a QR Code in PHP How to Create a QR Code in PHP

    QR codes are almost everywhere these days!

    It makes sense. They're small, readable on any modern smartphone without special software, and let us do so many things easily and quickly, such as checking in at a cafe, gaining access to a WiFi network, accessing a scooter on a summer vacation, and making a purchase.

    Here are some examples that I found from around the web.

    Some examples of QR codes.

    So if you want to know how to create them in your PHP-based application, read on.


    To follow this tutorial, you need the following:

    • Previous experience with writing PHP code.
    • PHP 7.4 with the GD extension installed.
    • Composer installed globally.
    • A smartphone.

    Let's create a QR code in PHP

    First, we need to create a project directory structure to store all the files that we'll make use of. To do so, switch into the top-level directory, and run the commands below.

    mkdir -p php-qr-code-generator …
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  • By Tilde Thurium
    QR Codes And Security: A Shallow Dive QR-codes-security-shallow-dive

    QR codes have been referred to as “robot barf.” Which is too bad, because they’re pretty fascinating if you take a closer look.

    In this post, you’ll learn about:

    • History and inner workings of QR codes
    • Use cases and risks
    • How to generate QR codes in your application
    • How QR codes are used for two-factor authentication

    QR codes 101

    QR code is an abbreviation for Quick Response code. They’re a type of two-dimensional, or “matrix” barcode which means that information is stored across both the horizontal and vertical axes.

    QR codes were invented in Japan during 1994. They were originally used for tracking automobile parts. QR codes could store more data than UPC barcodes (the kind you commonly see on grocery store products and such), so they started to catch on in other industries as well. Denso Wave, the company that invented QR codes, made the spec …

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