From Push To Pull: ThinkVoice Revamps Their Phone System And Customer Service With Twilio Queue


Think of being on hold as being in a waiting room with no receptionist. You sit and wait. Eventually someone greets you. If you’re lucky, this is the person you meant to speak with. If you’re not, you go back into the waiting room while the person you just met with (hopefully) contacts the person you need to speak to. This process seemed absolutely insane to… Read More

Queue: The Gathering

Twilio recently added the ability to use the <Gather> verb in the TwiML you use to provide a callers experience while in a queue. This opens up lots of interesting possibilities for changing what would normally be a bland and frustrating experience for your customer, into a more targeted and even possibly entertaining experience. In this post I’ll show you how you can use the <Gather>… Read More

Unlock the Potential of Queue with the Press of a Button (or two)

In September we introduced you to <Queue>, a simple way to build and manage call queues with just a few lines of TwiML. Queue gives you the ability to easily route inbound calls, whether you are building a simple call waiting solution or a large, dynamic call center. Today we’re launching <Gather> supported by <Queue>, which allows your caller to interact with your application while sitting… Read More

Queue Call In Hour: Books, Burritos and The Q Continuum

Yesterday we wrapped up our first ever Queue Call In Hour with Jeff Lawson live on the line, taking your calls and questions. The community dialed in to ask Jeff hard hitting questions like “How does Twilio leverage events to reach developers?” to dilemmas such as “Does having control over the space time continuum beat having a bunch of gadgets?” A special thanks goes to everyone… Read More

Dial in to the Queue Call-in Hour with Jeff Lawson this Thursday

Turn up your volumes and tune in to Twilio 133.7, it’s time for the <Queue> Call-in Hour. Prepare your questions and get ready to dial in, we’re featuring Twilio CEO Jeff Lawson this Thursday at 11:30am PDT / 2:30pm EDT. For one hour this Thursday, Jeff Lawson will be live on the line answering all of your calls, powered by Twilio <Queue>. We’re looking forward to… Read More

Twilio Queue: Building a Call Queue Metrics Dashboard

Whether you’re running a call center, just a small office, or have to deal with all of the incoming calls for an event one night, putting people on hold (aka call queuing) is important, but often a difficult technical process. Twilio’s newest verb Queue simplifies this problem by providing a set of features that let you easily enqueue and dequeue callers, provide custom wait experiences and… Read More

Meet Queue: A New Twilio Verb To Simplify Call Queues

Today we introduce you to <Queue>, the newest member of the Twilio family. This new verb allows developers to build a call queue in just a few lines of code, making it even easier to manage and route multiple inbound calls. Twilio <Queue> makes creating call queues as easy as creating a Twilio Conference.  With just a few lines of TwiML, you can easily utilize Queue… Read More

Developer Contest: Queue, the Newest Member of the Twilio family

Today we announced a brand new TwiML verb to the Twilio family: meet <Queue>. In celebration of this newly launched verb, we’re kicking off a special extended developer contest to get your creative developer juices flowing. In exchange for rad prizes and the street cred to say you nabbed the top honors for the first ever Queue contest. <Queue> provides developers with a simple way to… Read More