Victory 91.5 Takes Radio From Hardware Powered to Software Powered with Twilio

There are certain tools of the trade all radio stations use. The most insufferable morning zoo drive-time duos and world’s best DJs (cough, cough Seattle’s KEXP) all drop radio station ID’s. You know how it goes, a famous musician or excited fan shouts out the radio station’s name and motto. It seems simple enough, but getting audio from the phone to the airwaves is a tricky… Read More

ContestFM Uses Twilio To Help Radio Stations Run Better Call-In Contests

You know the deal, you’re in your car listening to the radio station and you hear that they’re giving away sold out concert tickets to the 100th caller. You start dialing only to hear the frustrating busy signal. The lines are overloaded and so are the folks staffing the phone at the radio station. The AppSmithy team decided to use Twilio to change all that. By… Read More