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  • By Twilio
    Twilioではリモートワークをあらためて勤務体系の第一の選択肢とします Remote First_Blog Header 2022 JP


    Twilio [トゥイリオ] では、従業員に柔軟性を与え、お互いにつながる機会をより多く作り、働き方を再設計しています - ワンチームとして一緒に。






    • 柔軟性 - リモートファーストのアプローチにより、Twilioの従業員の勤務体系には柔軟性があり、リモートで働くこともできれば、Twilioのオフィスで働くことも可能です。
    • つながり - 互いにより強くつながることが可能となるよう、Twilioのチームは時折、目的を持った集まりで直接会うことにしています。また、地理的に離れた場所にいるTwilioの従業員が一堂に会するイベントや体験 …
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  • By Twilio Employer Brand Team
    Twilio is Now a Remote-first Company Remote First_Blog Header_2022 (4).png

    We’re providing Twilions with flexibility, creating more opportunities for connection, and redesigning our ways of working — together as one team

    At Twilio, we're always thinking about the future — and the future of work. Even before the COVID-19 pandemic, we've relied on digital solutions to partner with clients and peers in ways that help us do our best work, especially when we're thousands of miles apart.

    And because we believe that businesses should leave society better than it was found, we're intentional in the meaningful work we take on, the impact we make, and how we structure and support our teams.

    So today, as part of the evolution of the Open Work initiative we launched in 2021, we're announcing that Twilio is now a remote-first company.

    What is remote-first?

    Our remote-first approach is focused on providing our employees with flexibility, creating opportunities for connection, and delivering tools …

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  • By Madhu Mathiyalagan
    Build a Twilio SIP Based Remote Work Application in 5 Minutes Build a SIP Based Remote App Hero

    Remote work is an extremely popular term these days. How to go about working remotely, though, is another story.

    Luckily, in just a few steps, you can build a simple and efficient remote application setup using the SIP protocol and Twilio's Programmable Voice Platform.

    Organizations are looking to implement the following solutions for remote work:

    1. Softphones for voice and video chat
    2. Build IVRs and remote agent communications through SIP
    3. Audio Conferencing and remote meetings

    The New Normal

    Working at home with children

    The world has changed quite a bit in the past 90 days. Shelter in place and social distancing orders have made it challenging for employees and employers to stay productive. Businesses are facing critical challenges adapting to remote work and managing apps for remote workers. One of the biggest challenges for remote workers is staying connected without the resources available to employees in an office environment.

    In order to set up a …

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