Phone Number Verification without Regular Expression


Having invalid data in your database can be a nightmare. Especially if you are intending to use the data to do things like sending important SMS to your users. A typical solution is to use /Regular Expressions/gi to make sure the value at least looks like a phone number, but that still doesn’t prevent someone from entering a fake number and supporting international numbers makes it even… Read More

12 Hacks of Christmas – Day 4: Meme-o-Gram


For many families the holidays are a time to gather and partake in some of their favorite activities together. For Twilions and their families, those activities often involve writing code. Developer Evangelist Brent Schooley and his family are no exception. In October, Brent showed how to build a meme generator using Twilio. Brent’s brother Aaron Schooley is a software developer at Lockheed Martin and did us… Read More

12 Hacks of Christmas – Day 2: Training Your Dog with WebRTC, Tessel and Twilio

#12HacksOfChristmas Day 2

We’ve seen people combine Twilio with a bunch of unexpected things – like bears, beers and babies. For today’s #12HacksOfChristmas hack we wanted to highlight a hack from the community that features the pairing of Twilio and man’s best friend. This holiday season learn how to train your dog using Javascript in this brilliant tutorial by Chad Hart. How does it work? Chad gets text notifications… Read More

How to Send Your Users a Branded SMS using Twilio MMS and Illustrator


Have you ever had a night where you feel like everything funny you say lands on deaf ears, only to have an unplanned, half-baked comment make everyone bust up laughing? I think it was Louis CK who said “…simple truth beats out cleverness every time”. I thought of this a few weeks ago when I was showing some of my colleagues an SMS demo I had… Read More

Twilio on Rails Part 2 – Securing Your Rails 4 App and Sending SMS/MMS


Welcome to Part 2 of our series on integrating Twilio with your Rails 4 app. In Part 1 we walked through signing-up for a free Twilio developer account, getting a phone number and processing an inbound phone call. In this blog post, I’ll walk you through: Securing your webhooks so that only Twilio may access them Using Twilio’s REST API to send outbound SMS and MMS… Read More

Lose The Keys, Grab The Phone: SmarterKey Unlocks Doors Via Twilio SMS

SmarterKey Hub

Let’s say you’re on vacation, renting a house in Italy with some friends. You go to pick up the keys to your house but, instead of getting keys, you get a phone number and a code. These are your new keys. This is the new way SmarterKey is changing property rental. Co-founder David Moss (pictured right) says most people renting out their apartment, house or room on… Read More