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REST API posts

  • By Kenneth Ekandem
    How to Create a Restful CRUD API in PHP Using Laravel and Google Firebase How to Create a Restful CRUD API in PHP Using Laravel and Google Firebase

    In this tutorial, you will learn how to create a RESTful CRUD (Create, Read, Update, and Delete) API with Laravel that stores its data in a Firebase realtime database.

    What is Firebase?

    Google Firebase is a Google-backed application development platform that enables developers to develop iOS, Android, and Web-based applications. Firebase provides tools for tracking analytics, reporting and fixing app crashes, creating marketing and product experiments, and much more.

    So, without wasting time, let us dive in.


    1. PHP 7.4, though ideally 8.1.
    2. Composer installed globally.
    3. jq.
    4. Prior experience with Laravel.
    5. A text editor such as Visual Studio Code or an IDE such as PhpStorm.
    6. A Google account.

    Install and set up the Laravel application

    To begin, you first have to install a Laravel application and run it on your local development machine.

    To do that, in your terminal, run the command …

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  • By Nida Khan
    How to Create REST APIs with Java and Spring Boot header - How to Create REST APIs with Java and Spring Boot

    I’ve been using Twilio’s REST APIs for quite some time now. I was always amazed to see how REST APIs are used in establishing communication between client and server over HTTP. You call an API, which calls the server. The server then performs the whole business logic and returns the result.

    I always wanted to know how these APIs are developed so that I can create APIs myself. This led me to explore various frameworks such as Spring Boot. After developing several REST APIs using Spring Boot, I decided to write this tutorial to help beginners get started with Spring Boot.

    In this tutorial, you will develop REST APIs in Spring Boot to perform CRUD operations on an employee database.


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  • By Chimezie Enyinnaya
    Laravel SanctumでPHPのRESTful APIを構築する Laravel SanctumでPHPのRESTful APIを構築する

    この記事はソフトウェアエンジニアのChimezie Enyinnayaこちらで公開した記事(英語)を日本語化したものです。

    Laravel Sanctum(旧称Airlock)は、シングルページアプリケーション(SPA)、モバイルアプリケーションや基本的なトークンベースのAPI用に作成されたLaravelパッケージです。これによりAPIトークンをユーザーに発行し、Laravelセッションを使用したシングルページアプリケーション認証が行えます。Laravel Sanctumは、既存のLaravel Passportパッケージの簡易版です。PassportよりもSanctumを選ぶ理由は以下のとおりです。

    1. PassportはOAuth2認証が実装されています。これを使用しないのであれば、APIトークンの発行はSanctumで行えます。
    2. Sanctumは超軽量でシンプルに実装できます。
    3. Sanctumは、Vue、Angular、Reactなどのシングルページアプリケーションに対応しています。モバイルアプリケーション認証も対応しています。



    1. Laravelの知識。
    2. Insomniaなど、HTTPクライアントの使用に関する基本知識。

    Laravel Sanctumでは多くのことができますが、このチュートリアルではLaravel Sanctumを使用したAPIの構築方法を説明します。



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  • By Luís Leão
    Criar e consumir uma API RESTful no PHP Laravel Criar e consumir uma API RESTful no PHP Laravel

    Desde suas redes sociais favoritas até os aplicativos bancários que você mais usa, nosso mundo moderno é conduzido por muitas APIs. Neste artigo, você aprenderá a criar uma API RESTful moderna e um aplicativo que implementará a API.


    • PHP 7.1 ou superior
    • Composer
    • MySql
    • Laravel 5.6 ou posterior
    • Postman

    Para acompanhar este tutorial, você deve ter um entendimento básico da linguagem PHP. É necessário o conhecimento básico da estrutura Laravel.

    Noções básicas sobre o aplicativo

    Você vai criar uma API CRUD. CRUD é a sigla em inglês de "Create, Read, Update, and Delete" (Criar, ler, atualizar e excluir). Nossa API terá os seguintes endpoints:

    GET /api/students retornará todos os alunos e aceitará solicitações GET.

    GET /api/students/{id} retornará um registro de aluno fazendo referência a seu id e aceitando solicitações GET.

    POST /api/students criará um novo registro de alunos e aceitará solicitações POST.

    PUT /api/students/{id} atualizará …

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  • By Oluyemi Olususi
    Build a RESTful API using PHP and Yii2 Build a RESTful API using PHP and Yii2

    Since its introduction, RESTful architecture has redefined the way we think about (and build) software applications by breaking down complex application ecosystems into smaller, more focused applications communicating with each other via RESTful calls.

    Client-Server Architecture allows web clients and mobile apps to communicate with the same infrastructure (such as a server-side API) to provide a seamless user experience.

    In this tutorial, I will show you how to build a RESTful API using the Yii framework (version 2)- a high-performance, component-based PHP framework.


    A basic understanding of the Yii framework and PHP will be of help in this tutorial. However, I will provide brief explanations and links to the applicable parts of the official documentation throughout the tutorial. If you’re unclear on any concept, you can review the linked material before continuing.

    Additionally, you need to have the following installed on your system:

    • PHP version 7 or higher with …
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  • By Alan Klein
    Automate Flow Deployments with the Studio REST API v2, Now Generally Available Studio REST API v2 Hero

    Twilio Studio has enabled thousands of developers to quickly build and deploy complex communication workflows and scale effortlessly on Twilio Runtime, our Serverless environment. Today Studio has made publishing and deployment of Flows even more powerful.

    We are pleased to announce the general availability of Studio REST API v2, providing full support for publishing of Flows via the REST API, Twilio’s helper libraries, and the Twilio CLI.

    Studio flows and automated deployments

    A Studio flow is created using functional widgets with a drag and drop graphical user interface. Builders and developers alike have used the simple interface to create impressively powerful no-code and low-code workflows based on their specific needs.

    How Chime used Twilio Studio to help deliver a seamless customer service experience.

    As Studio evolved, customers began asking for ways to programmatically create, read, update, and delete flows. Behind the Studio graphical user interface, flows …

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  • By Oluyemi Olususi
    Create a Secured RESTful API with CodeIgniter and JSON Web Tokens Create a Secured RESTful API with CodeIgniter.png

    The growing use and applications of cloud services necessitates a more efficient architectural style than the Simple Object Access Protocol (SOAP). REST (REpresentational State Transfer) allows for a light-weight, stateless communication between clients and the Application Programming Interface (API). Because the communication is stateless, access control for Restful APIs is based on tokens which carry enough information to determine whether or not the client is authorized to perform the requested action on the resource.

    In this tutorial, I will use CodeIgniter to build a RESTful API. CodeIgniter is a powerful PHP framework with a very small footprint which allows developers to build full-scale web applications.


    A basic understanding of CodeIgniter will be helpful in this tutorial. However, I will provide explanations and links to official documentation throughout the tutorial. If you’re unclear on any concept, you can review the linked material before continuing with the …

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  • By Oluyemi Olususi
    Créer une API RESTful sécurisée avec CodeIgniter et des JWT Créer une API RESTful sécurisée avec CodeIgniter et des JSON Web Tokens

    L'utilisation et les applications croissantes des services cloud nécessitent un style architectural plus efficace que le protocole SOAP (Simple Object Access Protocol). REST (REpresentational State Transfer) permet une communication légère et sans état entre les clients et l'interface de programmation d'applications (API). La communication étant sans état, le contrôle d'accès des API RESTful est basé sur des tokens qui transportent suffisamment d'informations pour déterminer si le client est autorisé à effectuer l'action requêtée sur la ressource.

    Dans ce tutoriel, je vais utiliser CodeIgniter pour créer une API RESTful. CodeIgniter est un puissant framework PHP avec un encombrement très faible qui permet aux développeurs de construire des applications Web complètes.

    Conditions préalables

    Une compréhension de base de CodeIgniter sera utile dans ce tutoriel. Cependant, je fournirai des explications et des liens vers la documentation officielle tout au long du tutoriel. En cas de doute concernant un concept, …

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  • By Daizen Ikehara
    Twilio StudioフローとNode.jsを用いて外部にメッセージを発信する方法 Twilio Studio REST API Trigger

    Twilio Studioは電話着信や、SMSの受信に対する処理(フロー)を設定できるビジュアルデザインツールです。このツールを用いることでプログラミングの知識を必要とせずにフローの設定を行えます。

    多くの場合、電話着信・SMS受信に用いられますが、別のシステム(Webなど)で入力した予約の確認や、宅配便の再配達の案内など、決まったテンプレートをもとに外部に発信を行う場合にも利用することができます。今回はTwilio Studioで設定したフローを用いて宅配の再配達依頼の確認メッセージを発信する方法をご紹介します。



    • 連絡可能(SMSが受信可能)な電話番号
    • 再配達の日時(yyyy/MM/dd hh:mm:ss)

    Twilio Studioフローのインポート

    TwilioコンソールからStudioダッシュボードを開きます。これまでにStudioフローを作成したことがない場合は下記のスクリーンショットに表示されている赤色の Create a flow ボタンをクリックし、新しいFlowの作成を開始します。

    Studio Dashboard


    Studio - Add New Flow

    Flowの名前は Confirmation Flow としました。
    Studio Flow - Name

    用意されているテンプレー …

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  • By Felistas Ngumi
    How to Build a CRUD RESTful API in PHP with API Platform and Symfony 4 How to Build a CRUD RESTful API in PHP with API Platform and Symfony 4.png


    As per the official documentation, API platform is a “powerful but easy to use full-stack framework dedicated to API driven projects”. API platform helps developers significantly speed up their development process, building complex and high performance, hypermedia-driven APIs.

    It ships with Symfony 4, the Doctrine ORM, a dynamic Javascript admin created with React, and React Admin, Varnish Cache server, Helm Chart to help deploy the API in a Kubernetes cluster and a Progressive Web Application skeleton. It also includes a Docker setup for providing Nginx servers to run the API and JavaScript apps. Most inspiring is the ability of API platform to natively generate project documentation with support of OpenAPI!

    In this tutorial, I will take you through how to create a simple bucket list API with CRUD operations.


    1. PHP - Version 7.0 or higher.
    2. Docker
    3. Postgres

    Getting Started

    Follow the instructions below to setup your development environment: …

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