The War On Robocalling: How Aaron Foss Fought Robocalls and Won


Right after Aaron Foss launched his anti-robocalling service, Nomorobo, all hell broke loose — in the best way he could imagine. The launch was a slow build, starting in February and exploding in September. “It just snowballed,” Aaron says. Nomorobo started as a simple hack Aaron submitted to the FTC’s anti-robocalling challenge in April. After winning the challenge, he was interviewed on countless networks and even… Read More

Max Temkin Fights Robocallers with Charles Dickens and Twilio

It’s unlikely Charles Dickens intended for his prose to be used to ward off robocallers and telemarketers. But it just works so well. Using Twilio, Max Temkin, co-creator of Cards Against Humanity and Humans vs Zombies, created a Twilio-powered line dedicated to ward off telemarketers. When they call, they’ll be greeted with the iconic lines from Dickens’ A Tale of Two Cities, “it was the best… Read More

Join The FTC in their Fight Against Evil Robots

We take our role as a network provider seriously, and heavily invest in how we protect our customers from unsolicited calls and messaging. Keeping our developer ecosystem free of spam is essential so you can continue building with confidence. You can always read our Terms of Service and Best Practices Guidelines to learn more. We’re putting a call out to you to step up to this… Read More