Preparing For Dreamforce’s Million Dollar Hackathon: Updated Twilio SFDC Libraries


One million dollars. You can almost hear Dr. Evil saying it. But it’s not 1997, and this isn’t a spy comedy. Salesforce is really offering up one million dollars to the hacker, or team of hackers who come up with the best Salesforce integration hack at Dreamforce next week. Reserve your spot in the hackathon here. There’s only one rule for Dreamforce hackers: you have to… Read More

Improving Your Case Management Response Time with Twilio SMS

Ameer is Solutions Architect at Twilio, specializing in building high volume, low latency solutions for customers. He has over 15 years of experience in building solutions. The following is syndicated content, originally published on Salesforce’s developer blog. When it comes to case management, the shorter your response time is the happier your customers will be. I recently published an article on Salesforce’s development blog, showing you… Read More

CloudSquads Offers Click-to-Call and Transcription in the Salesforce Cloud with Twilio

This guest post is from Ashish Seth (pictured right) – Co-Founder and CEO at CloudSquads.  Ashish is admittedly “obsessed” with helping enterprises make their business social, measurable & actionable. When he’s not obsessing with social media and communities – you could find him playing cricket, exploring the outdoors, or trying out the newest restaurant in town. Find out more about Cloudsquads by visiting their website  or… Read More

Developer Contest Winner: SMS and Tracking with Salesforce

Alongside the Cloudstock event, we hosted a developer contest with a focus on getting business done with Salesforce. A stellar mix of entries from developers getting inspired through CRM tools, some who hacked on-site with us during Cloudstock. One productive app impressed us the most, and that was Michael Norton’s Twilio Messaging for Salesforce. This twilio-salesforce fork enables Salesforce users to send voice or SMS messages… Read More

Building a SXSW Party Hotline on Salesforce with Pervasive and Twilio

This guest post is by Chad Sakonchick, the Galaxy Marketing Manager for Pervasive.  He’s mildly obsessed with social activities (IRL), any kind of physical challenge, and autonomous drones.  You can keep up with his witty banter at @csakon or virtual hoarding of whosits and whatsits galore on Pinterest.  One of the advantages of having powerful tools at your disposal is the ability to execute greatness on… Read More

Developer Contest: Get Business Done with Salesforce and Twilio

 CRM may seem like all business to some, but the enterprise is getting social and business in the front can be a party in the back too. Twilio is teaming up with for a contest all about CRM, just in time for the upcoming Cloudstock conference in San Francisco. This contest is open to all developers and if you are headed to Cloudstock, join us for the event and the… Read More

Technical Talks and Mini Hacks with Twilio at Cloudstock

Twilio is excited to announce that we are sponsoring Cloudstock, a free, one-day cloud developer event on March 15 in San Francisco. At Cloudstock you will have the chance to rub elbows with various developers who are changing the world in which we live while you enjoy the engaging technical sessions. If you haven’t already, register for this event. Breakout Sessions Twilio will be hosting a… Read More