Plan Employee Shifts and Scheduling from Anywhere with When I Work

You don’t want an angry Mexican Wolf on your hands. And you definitely don’t want an angry Brown Bear on your hands. Those guys expect to be fed on time, so if a Columbus Zoo employee is late to feeding time, it’s a problem. Chad Halvorson (pictured left), CEO of When I Work, saw many businesses, such as the Columbus Zoo, spending valuable time fussing with… Read More

Text Me My Schedule Helps Students Make It to Class

This is a guest post by Mike Jahn, a 21 year old Information Systems/Web Development college student with a passion for music, rollerblading, photography, technology and the Internet who built Text Me My Schedule using Twilio. Mike tried to solve a very simple problem among college students by using a medium nearly every student has access to- text messaging! Let’s see what Mike had to say… Read More