Tweaking The Behavior of User Media Streams in Twilio Client

Updates to Twilio Client JavaScript  SDK including ORTC support

WebRTC is still an emerging standard, and as such you sometimes run into issues where it behaves differently on different hardware, different browsers, etc. Today, we updated Twilio Client 1.2 to give you more control over the underlying WebRTC primitives, particularly getUserMedia, which allows you to gain access to the user’s microphone. This new feature allows you to maintain consistent audio quality in different audio environments…. Read More

Download the Latest Updates to Twilio Client iOS and Android SDK

Developers are already building on the newly released iOS6 and Android 4.1, and we want to make sure your Twilio apps are current alongside these mobile operating systems. Today we’re releasing an update to our iOS and Android Twilio Client SDKs that include major performance improvements built to work with the latest versions of iOS (6.0) and Android (4.1). To upgrade, just download our most recent version… Read More

Twilio Client Expands to Android to Enable Cross-Platform VoIP Calls

Following the February launch of Twilio Client for iOS, we are very excited to expand our mobile tools with the launch Twilio Client for Android. This makes it possible for any Android application to make and receive voice calls over a cellular data or WiFi connection without ever using standard cell phone minutes. With this launch, Twilio Client is now available for Android, iOS and web… Read More