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  • By Annie Benitez Pelaez
    Introducing SIP Registration sipregistration

    We’re excited to introduce a new way to use the Twilio Voice API – via SIP Registration. Now you can connect your SIP-enabled devices or softphones directly to Twilio and use the Voice API to build nifty call-handling logic. For example, you can get phone numbers in nearly 50 countries for those phones. Then, decide if your phones ring sequentially or simultaneously. You can control call routing from your code, based on day of the week, time of day, or Caller ID.

    SIP Registration is available now and it’s free to register multiple devices per user. That’s enough to make even the most device-crazy person happy. The same Programmable Voice pricing for making and receiving calls will apply. To get started, check out the setup instructions below.

    But first, here are some early examples of how others are using SIP Registration.

    How Contact Centers Use Twilio’s SIP Registration

    Serenova, …

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  • By Kyle Kelly-Yahner
    Pittsburgh Technical Institute Switches SIP Based Call Center To Twilio Pittsburgh_Technical_Institute

    Pittsburgh Technical Institute (PTI) has been helping students launch a new career path with a post-secondary degree for over 70 years. PTI prides themselves on being attuned to the job market, keeping its curriculum current to ensure their students are successful after graduation.

    As the school evolved, their communications stack stayed the same, costing PTI time and money. Using Twilio, PTI overhauled their SIP-based call center and built out a live chat feature integrated with their CRM with ease. And it all started with a school art show.

    Planting A Seed

    In 2012, William Showers, the Director of Information Technology at PTI, wanted to build an SMS voting service for an art-show PTI put on. He did some googling and found his way to the Twilio SMS API docs. Shortly after, he had an app up and running. A seed was planted.

    Vendor Woes

    If students, parents, or …

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  • By Kyle Kelly-Yahner
    How to Make, Track and Automate Calls with Twilio in Agile CRM agilecrm-logo-icon-png

    Agile CRM built Twilio SIP functionality into their CRM to allow sales agents to make, record, and receive calls from the browser. The integration is making customers happier, and sales agents more effective.

    Great CRMs should make life easier for the customer as well as the caller. The key to a great experience for both parties is context. The sales reps making calls should have the customer’s usage history, past communications, and support tickets right in front of them when they make a call. The customer shouldn’t have to repeat basic information back to the rep.

    In this blog post, Agile CRM will teach you how to quickly set up the integration, make and receive calls, record calls, and run call campaigns.

    Setting Up The SIP Integration

    Communications integrations in Agile CRM take the form of customizable widgets on contact pages in the CRM. To activate the Twilio widget, you’ll …

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  • By Kyle Kelly-Yahner
    Nubitalk Powers Donation Campaigns for Unicef, Greenpeace Using Twilio SIP Trunking and WebRTC nubitalk

    There are no days off for Unicef and Greenpeace. The problems they’re trying to solve, respectively, all over the world are absolutely critical. For Greenpeace, that means fighting for the well being of the environment. For Unicef, that means helping out mothers and children in developing countries.

    Each organization relies exclusively on donations to continue their work. Their donation campaigns directly impact their ability to do their work effectively, and at scale.

    Behind those campaigns is a network of communications technology that makes it possible for volunteers and agents to reach out potential donors. When Greenpeace and Unicef needed experts who could build out the communications stack they needed to power their donation efforts, they chose Twilio-powered, Nubitalk.

    Launching Contact Centers In Brazil with Twilio Elastic SIP Trunking and WebRTC

    Unicef and Greenpeace are vastly different organizations with similar communication needs. They both needed to get a contact …

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  • By Ari Sigal
    Announcing Lower SIP Trunking Prices & New Pricing Zones Twilio_Blog_SIP-Trunking

    Last November we announced the unbundling of our PSTN connectivity as a service.  Elastic SIP Trunking provides instant global voice provisioning for your IP infrastructure (e.g. IP-PBX, SBC, UC hardware, VoIP gateway, etc). Twilio uses the power of the cloud to offer resilience, intelligent local call routing, sms-enabled trunks, cloud-based call recording, multi-tenancy, and full WebRTC support.

    Since November, we have seen companies using this connectivity to provide great multi-channel customer support experiences, create engaging advertising campaigns, change the way business’ collaborate, and deliver critical alerts. In the past 3 months, Elastic SIP Trunking traffic grew by nearly 400% thanks to companies augmenting their businesses and services with cloud based PSTN connectivity.

    SIP Trunking Pricing Changes

    Beginning July 1st we are making two changes to our Elastic SIP Trunking prices. We are introducing a new zoned pricing model and we are lowering our North American termination price by 12.5% from …

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  • By Kyle Kelly-Yahner
    Connecting Cisco Gateways To Twilio Elastic SIP Trunking cloverhoundheader

    There’s a common phrase you’ll hear from big telecom vendors when you’re trying to get phone connectivity in your office: “your estimate is 90 days.” In the middle of that waiting period, if you change any aspect of the planned PBX installation, you’ll hear the same phrase “your estimate is 90 days.” The days spent waiting add up to missed calls, and unnecessary expenses for small businesses. Getting calls into your office can seem unnecessarily hard. Chad Stachowicz, CEO of Cloverhound, gets his clients up and running making and receiving calls fast. A key tool in his toolbelt is Twilio’s Elastic SIP Trunking.

    “There’s thousands of us [telecom developers] running around out there, and we all have our little labs. One of the most annoying things is getting calls into your lab.” Chad founded his own full service communication company (lab, in Chad’s words) to help businesses with …

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  • By Al Cook
    Introducing the General Availability of Twilio Elastic SIP Trunking Twilio_Blog_SIP-Trunking

    Today we are happy to announce the general availability of Twilio Elastic SIP Trunking. Today’s launch brings instant provisioning, contract-free transparent pricing and global availability to the world of SIP Trunking. The SIP industry modeled itself on the technology (and buying experiences) of the by-gone 1870s. Elastic SIP Trunking brings ease of use, internet scale, and a modern approach to using SIP.

    We know SIP Trunking can seem pretty boring. PSTN connectivity for PBXs and Call Centers is mission critical stuff, but not everyone’s cup of tea. But there’s something that really intrigued us about SIP Trunking.

    Even though SIP Trunking has been an option for providing dial-tone to IP infrastructure for nearly two decades, 80% of the world’s enterprises still use the technology that came before it – connecting voice over dedicated time-division multiplexed (TDM) lines. TDM, in case you weren’t paying attention in history class, encodes media …

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  • By Ari Sigal
    Add WebRTC To Your PBX or Call Center In 5 minutes Twilio_Blog_SIP-Trunking

     Your employees are working remotely, from home, airports, hotels, customer locations and coffee shops. Wherever they are, they’re not in the office as much anymore. You’ve introduced tools to allow them to communicate efficiently across teams, no matter where they are.  But, finding the right tool for voice communications is still problematic.

    Twilio can help you solve this problem with our SIP to WebRTC solution and a sample application to help you get started.

    Today many PBX’s and call center’s have a softphone feature and you could deploy these software clients. But these clients are yet another piece of software for you to provision, deploy, and maintain. Worse, they often just don’t work. Remote firewalls and proxies often block calls and when calls are completed the quality is poor.

    WebRTC makes life much, much easier.

    WebRTC is built directly into your browser which allows you to communicate with ease. There …

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  • By Rob Spectre
    Getting Started Placing Outbound Calls with Twilio Elastic SIP Trunking and FreeSWITCH fslogo

    A couple of weeks ago we announced the public beta of Elastic SIP Trunking, a new way to connect your SIP gear to the world through Twilio. With Elastic SIP Trunks, you can say sayonara to artificial constraints to scaling and pricing shenanigans. We think this new way of consuming SIP connectivity offers longtime VoIP network administrators and engineers an instantly provisioned, powerfully resilient alternative to the SIP trunk.

    One of the more frequent requests we received after opening the Elastic SIP Trunking beta was how to connect an Elastic SIP Trunk from Twilio to FreeSWITCH, the popular open source SIP platform.  Let’s find out how to do that together.

    How It Works

    A Twilio SIP Trunk provides a domain to connect your SIP switching equipment to Twilio. During our public beta, Elastic SIP Trunks only provides termination service, which is to say you can only place outbound …

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  • By Twilio
    TwilioCon 2013: Announcing Picture Messaging, Price Drop, Business Critical Apps and More TwilioCon 2013 Videos

    Today kicks off the third annual TwilioCon, a gathering of the people who are redefining human interaction in every area of business, social good and general hackitude. Our CEO Jeff Lawson took the stage this morning, looking forward to APIs as the new dial tone, with the Software People as the innovators driving the change. You are building the future of your industries, and we’re building the products you need to reach more geographies around the world, and expand your success. We’re so excited to announce a flurry of new products to power your business including Picture Messaging, Twilio SIP, new developer tools to help you build and maintain business critical apps, and drop in price.

    Twilio Picture Messaging: When Words Are Not Enough

    twilio_product_mms-icon_02-picsCombine the power of an image with the reach of sending a text. Introducing Picture Messaging for Twilio Short Codes to send and receive pictures …

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