Eric Blue’s Home Automation Hacks with Belkin, Twilio and Siri


Eric Blue started experimenting with home automation almost on accident. He just wanted to automate inconvenient aspects of apartment life. When Eric’s friends came to visit him and pressed his apartment buzzer, he would get a call. But, if when he was watching a movie or playing a video game he’d often miss the call. So, Eric used Twilio to forward calls from his apartment buzzer… Read More

Banters Adds Twilio-Powered Siri Integration with Relaunch

Brooklyn darlings Banters just relaunched their conversation sharing app and website with a new name, a fresh coat of paint and a tasty Twilio integration that enables their service to be used with Siri.  Formerly called bnter, the fun brainchild of bit artist Patrick Moberg and Texts From Last Night creator Lauren Leto dropped a big release this past week with a new responsive design, some oft-requested privacy features… Read More