Sketchnotes at TwilioCon 2012: Steve Blank on Building a Great Company

Alexis Finch takes notes differently than most: she sketches her way through presentations and interprets it visually on paper. Last year she shared two great Sketchnotes from TwilioCon 2011 talks including Oren Jacobs of Pixar and Adrian McDermott of Zendesk. Lucky for us, Alexis attended TwilioCon 2012 and captured keynote speaker Steve Blank in a rad new Sketchnote. Steve Blank is the author of The Startup… Read More

Sketchnotes: TwilioCon 2011 Through a Pencil’s Eye

Alexis Finch has a special eye when it comes to tech talks and presentations, and she translates them into amazingly detailed Sketchnotes. Highlighting top items from a presentation, Alexis captures the high level thoughts and gives them to us in an awesome visual form. Check out her Sketchnotes below from this year’s Twilio Conference 2011. Adrian McDermott talks Zendesk Adrian McDermott, VP of Engineering at Zendesk,… Read More