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  • By Paul Kamp
    The Developer's Guide to Phone Number Regulatory Compliance qMvMl-7km51ZMwhLfA9kzW7AuNTyFppuGJKF6KKCyEO9dww1zxhJx63sQtynlA-KcCmabxeF6CUXASv_llpD4QXQbcOQGAJ7XqhI_yzpb7HXAtbHgIXN1yGLCUkh7GdYQ7qocnay

    Regulatory compliance (RC) requirements for phone number users have increased worldwide. Depending on the phone number and its features, your or your company's status in the country, and your intentions for the number, different laws and regulations apply while building Voice, Fax, or SMS-based applications.

    While some of these regulations are new, many of these laws and rules have been in effect for some time. Countries are increasing enforcement for many reasons – including fraud, incidents of misuse and abuse and heightened national security concerns.

    All your Twilio phone numbers on Twilio’s platform need to comply with individual country requirements or they are at risk of being suspended until you submit proper RC information.

    Read on for what you need to know to bring an existing communications application into compliance or before starting a new application.

    Here's a video overview explaining what's happening:

    You can find the regulatory compliance training ...

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  • By Sam Agnew
    Playing Pokemon via SMS with Node.js and Twilio Copy of Generic Blog Header 3(2).png

    Pokemon filled many childhoods with joy. For some of us as adults, Node.js does the same. What better way to spend a fun afternoon than combining the two?

    Let’s walk through how to build your own version of Twitch Plays Pokemon powered by text messages using the Twilio API, Node.js and Lua scripting for the Visual Boy Advance emulator.

    Getting Equipped

    Before moving on, you'll need to set up your environment. First make sure you have Node.js and npm installed.

    If you're not on Windows, install wine to be able to run the emulator we need, as only the Windows version has Lua scripting functionality.

    If you’re on a Mac, you can install Wine using Homebrew with the following command:

    brew install wine

    You might have issues getting the emulator to run by default, so make sure you have a 32-bit prefix set by running ...

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  • By Michael Jaroya
    Send Inspirational Quotes Every Morning in PHP Using Cron, SendGrid, Twilio SMS and Quote APIs Create A Daily Inspirational App in PHP.png

    Ever had one of those mornings when you woke up unmotivated, but read a quote and the energy returned? That is the power of positive and motivational quotes.

    Motivational quotes have a way of making people feel inspired and energized. This phenomenon can be attributed to a combination of factors such as motivational psychology, wordsmithing, and self-selection.

    In this tutorial, I am going to teach you how to create an app that automatically sends you motivational quotes every morning. Before we start, here is a motivational quote to uplift you as you follow along.

    Believe in yourself! Have faith in your abilities! Without humble but reasonable confidence in your own powers, you cannot be successful or happy. – Norman Vincent Peale

    Getting Started

    To complete this tutorial, you will need the following:

    Create a New Laravel Project

    Let’s create a ...

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  • By Marcus Battle
    Create Your Own Phone Backup Service using PHP, Twilio SMS, DigitalOcean Spaces, and Laravel Create a Phone Backup Service using Twilio SMS.png

    Have you ever had a voicemail from a loved one that you wanted to keep forever? Maybe a contact that you wanted to save but didn’t want to add to your phone? Whatever the use case, it’s almost impossible to backup some types of media, like voicemail and contacts, without an app.

    We're going to learn how to create a phone backup service that allows us to manually transfer data via SMS to cloud storage, just by using our phone number.

    We will accomplish this by creating a RESTful API in Laravel, connecting it to Twilio SMS, and adding cloud storage via Digital Ocean Spaces.

    In order to complete this tutorial you will need the following:

    At the time of writing, DigitalOcean does not provide an official PHP API for connecting to its object storage ...

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  • By Andres Jaan Tack
    Introducing Twilio Conversations: Now, every message becomes an invitation for a conversation Twilio Conversations is now available in Public Beta

    With Twilio Conversations, every business can use cross-channel conversations to build long-lasting customer relationships. Building on the same messaging platform that has allowed digital natives and major enterprises to build communications into their applications, Twilio Conversations is a unified API that solves some of the greatest challenges in customer messaging: cross-channel orchestration, participant management, and message archives.  

    Why Twilio Conversations?

    More businesses than ever are turning to messaging through SMS, WhatsApp, and chat to answer routine questions, deliver up-to-date notifications, or keep customers informed of an upcoming promotion. For many businesses, however, it’s still new terrain. What makes some businesses embrace two-way conversational messaging while others simply send one-way notifications or rely on phone calls or email alone? 


    For starters, channel preferences vary. In some regions SMS is the dominant channel; in others, the only way to guarantee a message gets through is over WhatsApp. Customers expectations are ...

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  • By Jessica Diedrich
    Oregon Humane Society Unleashes Donations with Twilio for Salesforce Oregon Human Society Doggie Dash

    Oregon Humane Society (OHS) is the largest humane society in the Northwest, and adopts more animals from its Portland shelter than any other single-facility shelter on the west coast. Each year they help more than 11,000 homeless, injured, and abused animals find new loving homes. OHS never puts time limits on how long pets remain available for adoption and never euthanize pets for space reasons.

    Fundraising is crucial for OHS, comprising 44% of annual revenue. A successful fundraising year ensures their ability to deliver life-saving and life-changing care. To fuel donations, OHS hosts more than 100 events annually, including Doggie Dash, their largest annual fundraiser. Doggie Dash is a peer-to-peer fundraising event centered around a walk/run and pet festival that gathers more than 6,000 participants, half of whom fundraise for OHS.

    A New Multichannel Communication Strategy

    In 2018, OHS decided to eliminate the registration fee for Doggie ...

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  • By Arvind Rangarajan
    Toll-Free SMS with Higher Throughput is now Generally Available toll-free-sms-throughput-increase.png

    Today we’re excited to announce the General Availability of High Throughput Toll-Free SMS in the US. This feature increases the capacity of SMS messages that can be sent from a Toll-Free number to US destinations.

    Toll-Free unlocks your business value

    Toll-free SMS helps businesses simplify and scale interactions with mobile users.

    There are multiple business benefits to using a Toll-free number for SMS:

    • Trust: Your customers feel comfortable when communicating with you through a number branded with your business.
    • Brand: You can use the same toll-free phone number for all your business related messages (e.g. receipts, confirmations, notifications) to grow your brand, and give customers a dependable phone number they’re familiar with.
    • Single Channel: You can use the same number for both voice and text messages. You can maintain a single identity and use the same toll-free number for all voice and SMS interactions.

    Also, read more ...

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  • By Twilio
    CTIA's Updated 2019 Messaging Principles and Best Practices L9BT6VxEcoLm8Fv1Os-o4x-TMNvbHjqyRzlcIVOtmrKptl045jKN9OJbjJbJMj4wzEGBS_rVziPGP94WdA8Jh-ovOt88elLWD9jCKPO8acHz6LSFtYTAJZLrUE1ZwdHXyCUoVsqI

    The Cellular Telecommunications Industry Association (CTIA) is a trade association that represents the wireless communications industry in the US.

    The CTIA puts out a messaging principles and best practice guide for businesses using SMS to communicate with their customers. Ultimately, their intent is to ensure messages that consumers receive are messages consumers WANT to receive. Businesses looking to use text messaging to communicate with consumers need to heed the CTIA’s guidelines to successfully use SMS to reach their end-users or target customers.

    Their most recent Messaging Principles and Best Practices guide contains important updates to guidelines around Application-to-Person messaging. As members of the CTIA, Twilio is committed to creating a healthy messaging ecosystem that serves all participants. As such, we are educating our customers about recent changes in the CTIA best practices guide. 

    If you send A2P messages, please read and understand how the new guidelines affect you. 

    CTIA ...

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  • By Alex Baban
    Engineering for Peace of Mind with Twilio SMS and the AWS IoT Button ZZCMxWWjLt9FSj1SRMS8EOcZP3L5fg4ImlLt0gVBT2yM3w_DCHlhE6txIwVVzLYvy89rJEZ6G-544NdetnIXR-Y4qchnKaCRUqG_Xx8dODQ7SUImHMYgumaLpn8fwVKz-Oh7CJSB

    My octogenarian dad still lives independently.

    He does not enjoy his son calling him every night and interrupting his movie-watching. Some nights he's not even at home yet because he's chilling at the pub across the street. He also forgets to charge his cell phone on a regular basis.

    These are all the things running through my mind when I want to check in with him and know everything is fine.

    What are we going to build

    As a software developer, I want my dad to have a button handy where he can "SINGLE click" to tell me "I'm fine, good night" with a text message. After a  "DOUBLE click" I want to receive a text message like "Call me when you have time." When dad gives the button a "LONG click" I want to receive a text message and a voice call with "I need your help now ...

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  • By Marcus Battle
    Top 7 PHP Tutorials with Twilio for July 2019 Top 7 PHP Tutorials with Twilio for July 2019.png

    From building chatbots to RESTful APIs from scratch, this month’s roundup includes several engaging tutorials. We’ve compiled our top seven PHP tutorials to help you build the future of communications this summer while you’re coding in the air conditioner or at your favorite resort.

    Can you keep a secret?

    Game of Thrones has ended and Avengers has already cycled through the box office, but with the fall season premieres quickly approaching, a new opportunity to spoil your friends' favorite shows is just around the corner. In this intriguing tutorial by Dotun Jolaso, you will learn how to build a spoiler app in PHP with Twilio SMS and Laravel. Your Laravel app will employ bulk SMS messaging via Twilio Copilot to tease subscribers with spoilers after the show airs.

    Everyone needs a little REST

    APIs are not only the backbone of Twilio, but they are also arguably the ...

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