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SMS posts

  • By Dotun Jolaoso
    Build a Real-Time SMS Dashboard with Python, Flask and Twilio Sync Build a Real-Time SMS Dashboard with Python, Flask and Twilio Sync

    Twilio Sync provides you with a set of intuitive APIs that allow you to synchronize application state across mobile apps and websites in real-time. Some example use cases where you can make use of Twilio Sync within your application include:

    • Real-time Dashboard Charts
    • Broadcasting notifications to users in real-time
    • Real-time Collaboration Software such as Google Docs.

    In this tutorial, we’ll use Python and the Flask framework to build a dashboard that displays SMS messages in real-time as they are sent to your Twilio phone number.

    Technical requirements

    To follow along, you’ll need the following:

    • A free Twilio account and a Twilio phone number. If you use this link to register, you will receive $10 credit when you upgrade to a paid account.
    • Python 3.6 or newer
    • Ngrok. This will make the development version of our application accessible over the Internet.

    Creating a Python environment

    Let’s create a directory …

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  • By Ogbonna Vitalis
    Build Chrome Desktop Notifications in PHP with Laravel 8, Pusher, and Twilio SMS Build Chrome Desktop Notifications in PHP with Laravel 8, Pusher, and Twilio SMS

    In modern day web applications, real-time notifications are very common as service providers want to keep users informed and engaged about events happening on their platforms. Notifications are a great way to build incentive for users to come back to the platform.

    In this tutorial, we will be implementing a real-time application with desktop notifications by utilizing your browser’s Notification API, Laravel, Pusher, and notifications via Twilio Programmable Messaging.


    To follow along in this tutorial, here are the essentials to get started:

    Set up a Laravel Application

    This tutorial assumes that you are somewhat familiar with PHP and the Laravel Framework. Hence, we will quickly go through the installation process of Laravel and the procedures needed to create a brand new Laravel 8 Application.

    Create a Laravel Application …

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  • By Onwuka Gideon
    Build a Custom WordPress Plugin to Send SMS with Twilio Programmable Messaging Build a Custom WordPress Plugin to Send SMS with Twilio Programmable Messaging

    The tension of blogging really begins after publishing. Who read it? How do they feel? There are numerous questions that flood the mind of any author, but more importantly, most authors just want their content read.  

    Sending bulk SMS is a great tool to have in your toolbelt to encourage traffic to your WordPress blog. Imagine being able to send an SMS to every subscriber to your blog.

    Let’s build a WordPress plugin in PHP using Twilio Programmable SMS and send text messages to readers about topics they care about.

    Prepare WordPress for the Plugin

    Plugins let you extend and add functionality to your WordPress site. Since we are adding an entirely new function to WordPress, we have to use a plugin to achieve this.

    If you haven’t already installed WordPress, you can download and install a copy by following the installation instructions here. I have my WordPress installation …

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  • By Tido Carriero
    Twilio Segment Day One: Serving Customers with my Track Jacket App Segment Customer Frustrated Notification Banner

    Twilio and Segment have come together to tear down the data silos that prevent developers from creating amazing customer engagement experiences. The combination of Twilio's developer-first communications platform and the Segment Customer Data Platform makes it much simpler to build those experiences for your customers. And we're ready to prove it to you.

    One of Twilio's traditions is to reward new employees who demo and build their first Twilio app with a signature red track jacket. For my track jacket app, I wanted to begin to show you the power of Segment and Twilio together. I quickly put together a frustrated customer notification app – combining Segment's analytics and audience identification with Twilio's communications channels.

    This application will show how to send Voice, SMS, and WhatsApp notifications via Twilio when one of your customers triggers an event on your website – whether that's an abandoned shopping cart, …

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  • By Jamie Corkhill
    Integrate TypeScript with Twilio Functions and Twilio Programmable SMS typescript.png

    Sometimes, when cost, resources, and time-to-market are factors, it can be worth considering going the serverless route. And, if a development team has decided upon a Node.js stack for the back-end, the benefits of TypeScript are enormous for safety, developer productivity, and new developer onboarding.

    TypeScript is an extension of pure JavaScript - a “superset”, if you will - and adds static typing to the language. It enforces type safety, makes code easier to reason about, and permits the implementation of classic patterns in a more “traditional” manner. As a language extension, all JavaScript is valid TypeScript, and TypeScript is compiled down to JavaScript.

    With Twilio Functions, you can easily create “serverless” applications that are natively integrated with the Twilio ecosystem. That means support for SMS messages, for example, is first-class. You won’t have to manage infrastructure or provision servers, and you can very quickly move from development to production. …

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  • By Oluyemi Olususi
    Build an Automated SMS Survey with Laravel, PHP, and Twilio Programmable SMS Build an Automated SMS Survey with Laravel, PHP, and Twilio Programmable SMS

    In recent years, SMS has been widely used as one of the cost-effective and seamless means of disseminating information in the form of a survey. This allows survey creators to reach a larger audience and facilitate gathering data more efficiently.

    In this tutorial, we will build an automated customer survey application to receive customer feedback for a fictional company through SMS. In leveraging Twilio Programmable SMS, we will connect a Twilio phone number to a Laravel application to build the business logic that will determine when to begin the survey, the questions to ask, and a persistent layer to save the users’ responses. Each participant will send an SMS response to the Twilio number until the survey is completed.

    Let's begin building an automated survey that can be answered via SMS!


    You will need the following to complete this project:

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  • By Dotun Jolaoso
    Send SMS Notifications for Gumroad Orders with Python and Twilio Send SMS Notifications for Gumroad Orders with Python and Twilio

    Gumroad is a simple ecommerce tool that allows creators to sell digital products such as films, courses, e-books etc. Gumroad provides Ping, which is an alert in the form of an HTTP POST request that notifies you in real time whenever a product has been purchased.

    In this tutorial we’ll build a Flask application that automatically sends you SMS notifications whenever there is a sale of one of your products on Gumroad.

    Technical requirements

    To follow along, you’ll need the following:

    Creating a Python environment

    Let’s create a …

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  • By Shajia Abidi
    Automate Your Job Search with Twitter and Twilio Programmable SMS job-search-twitter.png

    Job search is a tedious and time-consuming task. Last year, when I was on a job hunt, I looked for opportunities everywhere - LinkedIn, Facebook groups, Slack channels, Twitter, Indeed, Glassdoor, and sometimes Instagram.

    Given that there's a huge tech community on Twitter, I found it easier to look for jobs there. To reach out directly to the people who posted the job and get a response from them, positive or negative, made the job search less tiresome. There was no cold messaging, awkward introductions, or long wait as to whether a real person had read my resume or not.

    I'd search on Twitter for keywords like looking for frontend and hiring frontend. I'd scroll through all the results and open the compelling opportunities in new tabs. And before I knew it, I had several tabs open for review.

    Combing through Twitter became a daily practice, and then, one …

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  • By Precious Opusunju
    Retrieve and Send Live Bitcoin Rates Every Day Using CEX.io, Twilio SMS, and PHP Retrieve and Send Live Bitcoin Rates Every Day Using CEX.io, Twilio SMS, and PHP.png


    Ever wondered how platforms like Binance set price watchlists for different Bitcoin price alerts? If so, imagine getting a daily SMS alert whenever the price of Bitcoin changes.

    This tutorial will teach you how to use Twilio Programmable SMS to send out live Bitcoin rates every day using your Laravel app. After we’re finished, you will be able to automatically send an SMS containing the conversion rate of Bitcoin to USD to your phone number, daily.

    Installation Requirements

    We will begin with a new Laravel project. Additionally, the following modules are required for proper functionality. These modules are:

    Having installed Laravel on your machine, proceed to create a new project using the Laravel CLI:

    $ laravel new bitcoin_watcher

    Or using the Composer create-project command:

    $ composer create-project --prefer-dist laravel/laravel bitcoin_watcher

    Next, install Twilio’s PHP SDK to …

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  • By Ashley Boucher
    How I Built a Real-Time SMS Translation App (without Setting Up a Backend Server) sms-translation.png

    Having an interest in communicating with a distant cousin in Germany, whose native language I don’t share, I decided to build a real-time SMS translation app so that we could text each other.

    Thanks to Twilio Functions, Twilio Programmable SMS, and the Google Cloud Translate API, this app was easy to build, and it’s super fun to use!

    Here’s the gist: I send a text to my Twilio phone number. A webhook captures this message and makes a POST request with the message details to my Twilio Function. Inside the function, the message body is translated, and the translation is forwarded to my recipient’s phone number. When they reply, this same process happens in reverse.


    I needed the following things before getting started:

    Using the Serverless Toolkit

    For this project, I relied …

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