How To Use Twilio Test Credentials with Magic Phone Numbers


Test credentials and magic phone numbers are used to test applications without actually sending SMS messages or making actual voice phone calls. These tools save time and money because you’re not charged for testing and responses are quicker as the tests only communicate with Twilio service, i.e. tests stay within Twilio services, no connections are made to carriers. To follow along, if you are using UNIX or… Read More

Introducing Twilio Flex: A Fully Programmable Contact Center Platform

Introducing Twilio Flex

At Twilio we often say, “We can’t wait to see what you build.” That’s because the communications building blocks we provide are only as powerful and innovative as the applications that developers create with them. It’s these builders who have shown us just how far our APIs can be taken, from 3D mapping with AR and IoT potty training, to a life-saving text line and data-driven debt relief. But… Read More

Build an SMS-Driven Bot with Node.js

Lady with nail polish sending a text message

At the end of October a friend and I attended a hackathon at our university. It was there that we decided to build TextEverything, a plugin-driven SMS-based bot written using Node.js. We quickly realised the potential of TextEverything and we think it’s a really easy way to quickly build functional SMS bots. In this post you will learn how to write plugins for TextEverything to build… Read More

Twilio adds support for RCS, next generation carrier messaging

Twilio announce RCS support

We’re excited to announce support for RCS Business Messaging, enabling you to build more engaging, rich messaging experiences while leveraging the reach of SMS. RCS (Rich Communications Services) upgrades carrier messaging with features like sharing high resolution photos and videos, adding appointments to a calendar, mapping directions to a business, browsing a carousel of products, sharing location, and more. This standard aims to combine the messaging features… Read More

Twilio Studio: The New Way to Build Communications

visual application builder twilio studio for communication workflows

Today, we’re rolling out the beta of Twilio Studio, a visual application editor that makes it faster than ever to create new customer experiences using SMS messages and voice calls. When we released a preview of Twilio Studio a few months back, we saw the beginning of a new trend emerge — the amount of time it took users to launch a new customer experience went… Read More

Send SMS Order Confirmations Using moltin and Twilio


‘Reach your customers wherever they are’ – it’s an common turn of phrase, but without the right APIs it’s much easier said than done. With modern APIs you can cross previously fragmented channels and talk to your customers where it makes the most sense… including via text messages on their mobile phones. Friction-reducing in mind, today we’re going to build a Node.js and Express application which uses moltin’s… Read More