Create an SMS bot on AWS Lambda with Claudia.js

SMS chat bots and AWS Lambda go well together if you want to build a bot that can reach people all over the world without worrying about your underlying infrastructure. In just a few steps we’re going to see how easy it is to deploy a Node.js chat bot on Lambda using Claudia.js. What is Claudia.js? I’ve always liked the idea of Amazon’s Lambda service, but the first time… Read More

In The Wake Of A Disaster, Team Comeback Kids Gets Students The School Supplies They Need


In August of 2016, torrential downpours caused catastrophic flooding across Southern Louisiana. It dropped the equivalent of 7.1 trillion gallons of water, devastating parishes across the state. Louisianaians were salvaging what they could from the disaster, while scrambling to find a way to prepare their kids for the first day of school. Many low income residents did not have the financial means to replace their kids’… Read More

Intercom Lets You Take Customer Conversations Anywhere With Twilio SMS


When a prospective customer knocks, you should be there to answer. If you’re not, you should know who knocked and how to follow up. This can seem like a Herculean task to some businesses, but it’s a breeze with the right set of software and Twilio Messaging. Intercom’s customer messaging platform helps businesses make sure they never miss a knock, and know exactly where and when… Read More

How to Send an SMS With Python Using Twilio

How to send an SMS in Python

All you need to send an SMS with Python using Twilio are the following ten lines of code:

If you’d like to see this in action, check out this short video: More of a Textual Learner? Here’s a Walkthrough The first thing we need for the above code to work is a Twilio account. Sign up for your free trial account here. We also need an SMS-enabled… Read More

Using Data To Build Customer Experiences: Rolls Out Twilio SMS For Customer Segments


Data is a powerful tool. It makes carefully engineered moments come across as delightfully simple, like a customer getting a text when their package arrives. In that moment, they’re not thinking of the data passed between HTTP Requests, webhooks and status callbacks — but that might be on your mind. is a behavior email platform focused on segmentation and automation.They give you tools to… Read More

Register To Vote Through Text or Facebook Messenger with HelloVote


Register to vote in a fraction of the time it takes to settle that political comment war on Facebook. HelloVote is dead simple. Text 384-387 and get registered to vote, or confirm that you’re already registered. HelloVote also works on Facebook Messenger. You can  invite your friends to participate in the democratic process by sharing a HelloVote link. Technology has an unparalleled ability to lower hurdles… Read More