Send SMS Order Confirmations Using moltin and Twilio

‘Reach your customers wherever they are’ – it’s an common turn of phrase, but without the right APIs it’s much easier said than done. With modern APIs you can cross previously fragmented channels and talk to your customers where it makes the most sense… including via text messages on their mobile phones. Friction-reducing in mind, today we’re going to build a Node.js and Express application which uses moltin’s… Read More

Send SMS Messages from Your Rails 5 Application with Twilio

Coffee roast varietals for Ruby

In the burgeoning world of coffee, there are many varietals of coffee roasts from many regions of the world. Your boss has tasked you to create an application for them to Create, Read, Update, and Destroy (CRUD) different coffee roasts. They have also informed you that they want to be notified via SMS every time a new coffee roast is added to their website in order… Read More

Beat the Rush on Exclusive Twitter Deals with Node.js and Twilio SMS

I just couldn’t get online fast enough. You may know the feeling: someone or some business you follow posts a sale on Twitter and by the time you get online, you have either missed the tweet or the sale has ended. You could enable SMS notifications and get every tweet texted to you in a timely fashion, but this really doesn’t help as you start to tune… Read More

The ultimate guide to sending bulk SMS with Twilio and Node.js

Sending a single SMS with Twilio is a relatively straightforward affair, but what if you had to send 10 messages? Or 10,000? Imagine you’re an ice cream seller. You want to improve business by sending SMS alerts when you’re in your van so that your customers will know you’re on your way to deliver some sweet refreshment. Look, I know what you’re thinking: “It’s December, hardly… Read More

Going Serverless with Twilio and .NET

Ahh the holidays are here. Christmas time makes me think of classic songs like Happy Holidays, Silver Bells, or It’s the Most Wonderful Time of the Year. Wouldn’t it be cool if we could crowdsource the music selection at holiday gatherings? This sounds like the perfect candidate for a serverless application powered by Twilio & Spotify. In this post, we will walk through creating an Azure… Read More

Redfin: Redefining the real estate experience

I popped into Redfin’s HQ in Seattle last week, partly because I wanted to snap a few photos to highlight their developers on our website. But mostly to feed my curiosity on a development team that just keeps churning out new innovative ways to engage customers. I walked away with a real appreciation of their approach using small development teams to continuously improve the Redfin customer… Read More

Automated SMS Notifications with AWS Lambda, JavaScript and Twilio SMS

AWS Lambda logo

In this tutorial we will create a small serverless application that will allow us to receive the latest currency exchange rate from GBP to EUR in our phone through SMS. This experiment will give you some time to learn AWS Lambda, Twilio SMS API and API (an open API for currency exchanges). We will use JavaScript with Node.js as our language and framework of choice. I don’t… Read More

How to receive and respond to text messages in Ruby with Hanami and Twilio

If you’re building web applications with Ruby then you’re probably using Rails. Hanami is a young competitor focused on providing a full featured, modern web framework for Ruby developers that is fast, secure and flexible. Hanami is a new web application framework for the Ruby community. It has been under development since 2014, initially under the name Lotus. Version 1 was released in April 2017 and version 1.1 was just… Read More

Autopilot Lets You Control SMS Conversation Flows with No Code

You don’t have to take a coding class to build that new feature. Autopilot just launched a drag and drop feature that allows you to control SMS with a visual editor. When a user sends a text to your Twilio powered number, that’s logged in Autopilot. Using a drag and drop interface, you can set up a logic for Twilio, and other third party services, to… Read More