eLynx Secures Realtime SMS Alerts For the Oil and Gas Industry with Twilio SMS

Ryan McDonald (pictured right) is the IT director of eLynx Technologies. He will be speaking at Twilio’s upcoming November 8th webinar on integrating voice and SMS into your business processes. eLynx uses state-of-the-art technology to provide real-time data collection and production monitoring to the oil and gas industry. It monitors roughly 22,000 systems, relying on the immediacy of text messaging to inform producers of well conditions and potential… Read More

DOers in Africa: Empowering People Through Mobile Technology

This past June I was fortunate enough to play host to an entrepreneur by the name of Assane Seck.  Assane is the founder and CEO of Djanoa, a cloud SMS platform that is currently in beta in Senegal.  Assane was visiting the U.S. as part of the Innovation Summit and Mentoring Partnership with Young African Leaders, a three-week professional development program sponsored by the U.S. State… Read More