Vengo Labs Re-Invents Vending Machines With New Tech, Twilio SMS


In 2012, Brian Shimmerlik (pictured right) tackled a tough question posed by NYC Next Idea: “what does the future of New York City advertising look like?” His answer was a new breed of vending machines called Vengos. These aren’t your typical “put in a dollar, press A2, and watch your bag of chips get stuck” vending machines. Vengos have a slick touch screen and offer anything… Read More

Powered by Twilio, SendHub Brings Feedback Loops to SMS Marketing

SendHub, a Y-Combinator startup, offers an SMS marketing platform for small businesses, sports leagues, faith groups and teachers. When SendHub was getting started – before it evolved into a full-fledged SMS marketing app – co-founder Garrett Johnson had a mission: to give teachers at his nephew’s public school a better means to communicate after class with students and parents. The majority of the students came from… Read More

@WalmartLabs Pushes “Value of the day” with Twilio Short Code SMS

Walmart offers a “Value of the day” to all of its customers. The “Values of the day” are special discounts that Walmart shoppers can redeem for a limited time. Shoppers can find out about these discounts in a range of ways, including following Walmart’s Twitter account @WalmartSpecials. Now, thanks to Twilio Short Code SMS, shoppers can get notifications via text message, as well. We had a… Read More