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Dwolla Offers "A Dollar for Your Thoughts"

The next time someone offers you a penny for your brilliant musings, feel free to turn them down. Dwolla, a social-payments company based in Iowa,…Full Article

Txt2wrk Lowers Barriers to Employment With Voice Broadcasting and SMS Alerts

A long-time technology journalist joins Twilio after building her first voice broadcasting and SMS alerts app at an Oakland hackathon. The announcement for the Code…Full Article

MoonTango Keeps Investors Up to Date with SMS Notifications

Shopping for your essentials every month can be a time consuming, burdensome process.  MoonTango, launched earlier this month, aims to solve this problem by offering automatic…Full Article

Thumbtack.com uses SMS alerts to streamline sales and marketing communications

Launched in 2009, Thumbtack.com is an online directory that connects trade professionals like plumbers, gardeners and dentists to customers in need of their services. Thumbtack did research…Full Article

Flash Valet: Simplify your evening with SMS

When I first heard about Flash Valet, I didn’t get it. Why would someone send an SMS to get their car? Is that five minutes…Full Article

Customer Support via SMS with Zendesk

A few weeks ago, I was given a challenge: Replace email with SMS for customer support using Zendesk. If you’re not familiar with Zendesk, it’s…Full Article

MOM Integrates SMS Text Messaging With EMRs To Boost Compliance

Across the United States, it can be hard to find a common fixture in the physician’s office. With regulations and requirements differing from city to…Full Article